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Printed Books or Ebooks for College Students

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Essay Preview: Printed Books or Ebooks for College Students

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Printed Books or eBooks for College Students

Technology is everywhere nowadays. We have virtual pets, dolls, lives and pretty much everything else we can possibly imagine. Technology comes in handy in most cases but there are times when I ask myself, "Do I really need technology for this?" The time when that question comes to my mind the most is when it comes to purchasing text books. Before taking a visit to the book store there are some things that need to be known. Like the fact that there are two types of ways to purchase books nowadays. One way of purchasing textbooks is the regular printed books and the other is the online eBooks. Many argue that eBooks are better than printed books and that printed books are better than eBooks. Although purchasing eBooks for electronic devices like a nook or kindle seems like the smarter and more convenient way to read, from my own experience I can assure everyone that printed books are the best option for students. Printed books and eBooks are very similar and at the end of the day they both give us want we need. However printed books are the best option for students for many reasons.

Printed books are the best option for students because there are many ways we can save money. Purchasing textbooks whether they are eBooks or printed books are always going to be expensive. Regardless printed books can save us money most of the time. Although eBooks are sold at a lower price we must think about the big picture. By means of the big picture I indicate we must think about what we will be doing with our books after we are done with the semester. When we purchase printed books we can always resell them, but with eBooks we do not have that option. We can also rent printed books for a lower price. Another option is buying used printed books that will allow us to save money as well. In addition, if purchasing used printed books or renting printed books will save us money we should do it. Attending college is not cheap so we always want to save money anywhere we can. Saving money will ease the financial concern of students.

Money is not the only concern students have at the moment. Another concern is reading comfortably because for most courses reading is a requirement. The reading requirements are not just one or two pages but in fact my courses require about two chapters to be read per day. Printed books are the best option when it comes to purchasing textbooks because they are easier to read. Textbooks are the best choice especially since plenty of them have large photographs because it is easier to see the photographs printed rather than on an electronic screen. Additionally, printed books can always be flipped back and forth through pages very easily. That will surely benefit students with homework if they are writing an essay about something in their book. Printed books are also beneficial because we do not need to worry about the backlight of our electronic device hurting our eyes. To read a printed book we do not even need an electronic device. All we need is our textbook and we will be able to read and study for as long as we desire.

Since we want to read our books without any interruptions we should think about the issues that we may stumble upon at home while doing homework or just simply studying. When we are purchasing textbooks we always want to get the books that are required for our courses and that will benefit us the most. With printed books we do not have to worry about our laptop or kindle shutting off during a late night study cram session at home. That way we will have more time to study. With printed books there is also no need to be connected to the internet while reading. With most eBooks an internet connection is required and that could be a massive problem. Especially if living on campus because the internet connection is always busy. I can assure everyone that it will fail many times. I live on campus and I have had times when I was doing my math homework



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