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Prius: Leading a Wave Hybrids

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Essay Preview: Prius: Leading a Wave Hybrids

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Marketing, Chapter # analyzing the marketing environment


- The marketing of the Prius or the hybrid cars is growing in an amazing way, the company is not making many improvements for increasing the production of the cars and in a future they probably can't answer quickly to the huge amount of demands.


- Toyota, made a huge risk as they brought to the market the hybrid car Prius, because as the case show, Americans liked more big cars like SUV'S or Hummers. However, the new product result to be a total success in the market and a new revolution of hybrid cars began.

The strategy of the managers of th Prius car, developed in a very good way. They start by choosing the right target of adopters and techies and then open to a wider market, they show the customers all the benefits of the car for example the improvements in environmental care, a nice design, advances in technology, luxury elements etc; they also knew how to take advantages of the macroenvironmentals factors that were very positive with the Prius car, they use a lot of good sources to promote or advertise the product etc. For that reasons we think the strategy of the company its very good formulated. However , the market of the hybrid cars is growing in a huge dimension and everyday people are more interested in the benefits this type of cars have. Toyota managers haven't really dimension the extraordinary future that is about to come, and their strategy need to be more interest in the production strategy. For example, they were not sure of opening a second plant for the production of hybrids, or they haven't started to produce the cars in the U.S. For that reason a solution for the Prius strategy would be to redesign the budgeting of the amount of capital they want to invest in the infrastructure of the company, for having the total elements to respond to the amount of demands they have and will have in the future. They probably can reduce the amount of capital they invest in publicity on the U.S, because the culture of the small hybrid cars has start and people already know the benefits they obtain with it, but what they probably can do its to start expanding that culture in other countries that are not informed of this type of cars and probably had some doubts about it. In the other hand, its also very important to be constantly investigating about the offers of the competitors, because as the market of the hybrids grew so fast, everyone is very interest in it, so Prius has to be constantly renewing, improving and producing for not losing their customers among this wide market.

We think that excepting those things we mention before, the strategy of Prius is very well orientated and they know very clearly what they want and what their customers are looking for, need and want, so they probably will still



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