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Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

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Essay Preview: Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

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Tracy Gould

ENG 111 N15B

June 25th, 2014

Contrast Essay

Private Schools vs Public Schools

        Parents will eventually contemplate which school system better serves their child. Should they go with private schools or public schools? Often times, the debate turns into a long and grueling process to determine what is best for their child and all the benefits that come along with the decision. Private and public school systems differ in admission procedures, tuition costs, and quality of education.

        First, are private schools. Private schools are extremely selective and serve a larger demographic area. They are not obligated to accept every child. Admissions testing require applicants to write essays, complete an entrance exam, and interviews. Ethnicity and religious background could play a role in being accepted, as well as, parent’s assets. Most are competitive at sports, so having a child that is an athlete, and successful at playing sports, could impact the admissions process. The largest downfall of private schools, most would say, is tuition cost. Private schools are responsible for their own funding, typically from the cost of tuition, donations, and private grants. Most times, the tuition could range from $5,000 to $20,000 a year and this does not even include books and supplies. Some make parents pay for transportation, if needed, and extra-curricular activities even though they could be mandatory. Quality of education could be the determining factor in what parents choose is best for their child. Private schools are usually smaller in number so they have a more controlled academic setting in the classroom, which also provides an easier system of discipline. Private schools provide students with a strict college-preparatory education, but also provide educators the freedom to make their own curriculum, and avoid standardized tests which can result in higher standards for the students. Usually all students graduate successfully and 90-100% of private school students attend college.

        Public schools, however, differ significantly from private schools. Public schools do not have an in-depth admissions process. Public schools admission typically consists of forms to confirm the student’s information needed for the system. Also, they must accept all students within their jurisdiction with few exceptions. Behavior is one of those exceptions. All behavior hiccups must be documented over time and remain in a student’s personal file. Public schools offer a free education to all children. They are funded largely by local property taxes, though some districts may receive funding from state and federal resources. Public schools quality of education is sometimes known to be lower than it should be. Most would say it is affected by the size of the classrooms compared to teachers. They are not able to have a more hands on approach with the teachers to get help on schoolwork as needed. Even though, teachers at private schools have to have a certificate and/or license, some say they are not as engaged in going above and beyond for their students to help them succeed.



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