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Problem in Workplace

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Bomb Threat

A risk that I have taken at work would have been the time the building across the street received a bomb threat. It was early afternoon when the police entered my building and told us to evacuate. Once we were told to evacuate the building, my manager told me to lock up the store. I rushed to lock the door as quickly as possible.

I had to post a notice stating that we were closed due to a bomb threat. I was the last one to exit. I headed outside to the evacuation site, but the store manager wanted to stick close to the building just in case the next shift came to work. So we hided in his vehicle as we watched the police instruct other stores around the surrounding areas to leave the premise. We ducked down, making the vehicle look empty when they came around the area we were hiding at. We managed to hide from the police for about 30 minutes until we were instructed to move away. We left but we stayed as close as possible to make sure the others wouldn't show up. Since I had the roster for the next shift, we were able to call others to tell them to come in tomorrow. We finally met up with the others in the designated area. When we arrived we learned more about the bomb threat at the building across the street. We learned that they had to call in the neighboring county to help with the inspection because the lack to personnel to help.

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