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Process Improvement Plan

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GM588 Managing Quality

Ron Yeary

Process Improvement Plan

For ASPIS Real Estate

February 2012


I have worked as an assistant real estate consultant in the organization ASPIS Real Estate which is responsible for preparing a comprehensive feasibility study for land, buildings, industrial, off plan properties, industrial properties. I was an assistant consultant at the time promoting sales growth with three other employees. The objective of this department was to increase sales, reduce implementation costs and increase moral of the staff while raising the overall customer satisfaction of the company. We were implementing new technologies to reduce the potential for human error. I spent one year in this position and the changes by the end of that year were implemented at all levels of concerns at ASPIS Real Estate. I have not worked in six months, but since policy implementation and improved responsibilities to all levels of the company have exceeded our expectations. This paper outlines suggestions on how to improve cooperation at work, how to measure if improvement is happening, and feedback mechanisms. However, these objectives have been achieved to reduce implementation costs and increase productivity.

Company Background

ASPIS Real Estate SA is one of the largest construction groups in Greece.

Listed since 1994 in the Athens Stock Exchange, it has a significant presence in major works in Greece, and the international market. The Group includes, in particular, companies with contractor's degrees seventh, sixth, fourth and third order of government projects, and companies with complementary activities, such as Real Estate, prefabricated, Centers for technical inspection of vehicles, construction, management and Operation of Parking, Facilities Management, Electronic Commerce, Project Management and Procurement. With activities in all areas of construction, projects in Civil Engineering, Building, Plumbing, Port, Road Construction, Electrical, Energy, Industrial, Pipelines and Natural Gas, expertise from abroad, but also export to third world countries. The company is recognized internationally and is a major figure in sizeable partnerships with international firms. It is also one of the largest construction companies in the world. A significant share of the Group's portfolio is in concession projects and projects abroad. Simultaneously, the Group is staffed with qualified personnel, which paves the way for expansion to new activities such as Management Co-funded Project on Environmental Actions and Strategic Investments in other companies. ASPIS Real Estate is committed to basic principles and focuses in serving people. ASPIS Real Estate implements Quality Management System, Security and Environment, certified ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Process Description

Conducting market analysis for residential real estate and evaluating that process is the section with the highest issues. To give a final picture of all products (properties) dealings in this section we try to provide our customers the most authoritative information, advice and guidance based on their needs. Yet to gather all this volumes of information we need all departments to coordinate between themselves. My role was to figure out an implement this process to save time and improve our customers' satisfaction. There were three employees working in this department and we had a huge amount of information to manage. The process of getting cross departmental cooperation was the most difficult part in the coordination of this project.

So we had to gather the information and present it to the broker stating-the professional "personal profile" of each customer. In this way we were facilitating the negotiation process of a sale, or purchase of the property. Since we had done more work preparing documents and necessary paperwork the process had been streamlined. Capitalist times became wrong but it is understood that the final decision was the broker and he was responsible for specific customers capitalist. So many times we were given control for extra writing and analysis. As soon as the documents are processed completely then someone in our department would transfer the data to begin negotiation with each customer.

Ideas for change, measurement, and



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