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Project Analysis Using Theory of Constraints

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Essay Preview: Project Analysis Using Theory of Constraints

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Project Analysis Using Theory of Constraints

The theory of constraints can be described as a methodology which is used in spotting or identifying the most crucial limiting factors which can also be referred to as constraints which stands in the way of accomplishing the set goal within an organization or in the project management process. The theory is structured in a manner that it provides systematic procedures of handling and solving the constraint until it is no longer considered as a limiting factor (Bhowmik, C., & Ray, A. 2015).

The Theory of Constraints employs a scientific approach to improvement. It conjectures that every multifaceted system, which can include manufacturing processes which includes multiple activities, one of which acts as a constraint of the intact system.

This theory helps organizations in achieving profits both in short term and long term basis. The theory further offers a wider range and powerful tools which enables organizations and individuals in accomplishing the set goals regarding a given project. The tools provided by the theory include ( Bhowmik, C., & Ray, A. (2015).

¬ Five Focusing Steps which can be described as a methodology for ascertaining and eradicating constraints.

¬ The thinking process( the tool which is used in scrutinizing and undertaking problem)

¬ Throughput accounting (a tool used for measuring performance levels and guiding the management in decision making process.)

One of the key characteristic of the Theory of Constraint is that it intrinsically prioritizes improvement activities. According to the theory the top priority is always the current constraint which is standing in the way of accomplishing the set goals.

Upon successful implementation of the Theory of Constraints the following benefits will be achieved:

¬ Fast improvement which comes as a result of channeling attention to critical area of the system constraint.

¬ Minimizing of the lead times which is accomplished as a result of optimizing the constraints thus achieving faster and smooth product flow.

¬ Improved capacity

¬ Increased profit levels.

Description of the Current System

This article focuses on the project involving maintenance Division repairs fissures, sealing of pavement flaws, blotches street botches and resurfacing in the streets of Lakewood. The current street roads are in dire need of repair and maintenance due to their worst conditions thus hindering the transportation. The whole process involves sealcoats which are used in sealing the streets and prolonging their usage. The process further involves asphalt overlays on the streets which over a long period of time have fallen into state of disrepair and sidewalk repairs and maintenance.

The process of maintenance and repair involves: seal coating which is described the process of patching and sealing streets which are in fair to good condition. The sealcoat is applied to the whole surface to seal the streets from the impacts of weathering and extend the period or prolong their service period.

In addition, asphalt or overlay process which is majoring focusing on pavements which are failing. The first step involves retomiling with the intention of preventing excessive buildup of asphalt at the edges and crowns along the streets. Then what follows is the spreading of the asphalt which can be approximately 1 to 2 inches thickness with the aim of restoring the surface to a better state and giving it more strength.

The final phase involves the repairing of the concretes. This phase involves removing and replacing the sections of the curbs, gutters, sidewalks and drainage crosspans which in worst conditions. The repair and maintenance process are limited to those places that trip menace or other precarious conditions exist.

Repair and Maintenance Flowchart

Identifying the system constraint

Roads and streets are built to offer services for long period of time; however this is not practical since the roads and streets starts to deteriorate from the period of their construction. The streets always experiencing heavy traffic, particularly heavy truck traffic, ware out very fast as compared to those streets in the residential quarter. To maintain and repair the streets it requires a lot of funding, therefore, establishing priorities is very essential in handling the state of the streets.

Funding constraints is the major issue in handling the entire process. Due to limited funding available for maintenance and repair of the streets, it becomes a challenge in scheduling of the process. This hence the condition of the streets



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