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Project Management Plan

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Executive Summary

A HDB home renovation is a project an individual commonly undertakes in Singapore. With limited resources under critical time constraints, a successful outcome can be accomplished with the use of project management. In this study, we assume the role of a project team tasked to design and build the interior of a HDB 5-room flat. The context of the project is based on a real project that was actually planned, executed and completed.

The first part of the report concerns the Project Management Plan. It describes the project planning process starting with the Project Charter. This is followed by project budgeting, project scheduling and resource allocation among the activities. Major tools used in project planning such as the Work Breakdown Structure and network diagram are also covered. The project sponsor, who is the client, played a key role influencing the project outcome, and thus all change requests has to be assessed for impact and necessity, subjected to the project manager's approval. Risk management is important in evaluating all potential risks that may affect project success. As quality is closely linked to customer satisfaction, an effective quality management plan is needed to ensure that the output of the project conforms to pre-specified characteristics. Since many suppliers and workers are involved, a detailed communication plan is created to ensure that communication channels are established and timely updates are given.

Project Evaluation gets into the action, beginning with monitoring the cost and schedule using Earned Value Analysis. Being aware that projects almost never proceed in an orderly, linear way through the stages and events described in the project plan, we tried to reflect this by inserting technical glitches that create crises in the project life cycle. What-If analysis is used to examine the effects of the issues on the project costs, schedule and resources. Dealing with change and uncertainty to ensure the project is on the right track becomes a constant task for the project management team.

Finally, although the project is terminated on schedule with a slight budget overrun, we learned that a project is often linked with Time, Quality and Cost; more of one affects the other. This project demonstrates the practical application of the course learning on a real-life example. In addition, it shows that project management methodology can be used by the renovation industry to manage projects.



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