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Project Management

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Essay Preview: Project Management

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Case Study 1

Electronics Manufacturing Company

1. Why is there a problem at delta, Inc?

 There is no proper project planning. Project planning covers determining what activities need to be done, who will be responsible for them, and in what sequence they will be carried out.

 In this case it seems to be that the entire project have been implemented by Cathy and therefore, the sales manager Jim says that their team cannot sell the product at the market.

 The reason may be actually the product does not satisfy customer or Jim does not like to sell the product because, at the product development stage Cathy did not take the input from the Jim who has 25 years experience in industry.

 Lack of employee coordination also leads to this problem.

2. What should Hannah do? How should she proceed?

 The product has been already launched and it has also been mentioned that the product hit the market 3 months ago.

 But the Sales manager, Jim mentioned that the product does not satisfy the customer hence, the sales team cannot sell the product in the market.

 As a Vice president of marketing, Hannah is responsible and should do the marketing survey/Research in order to reveal the facts with the products in the market.

 Hannah should use the independent party to do the marketing survey instead of the sales/marketing team in order to get Real picture of the product. Because, it seems to be conflicts among the Cathy and Jim.

3. How could the problem have been avoided?

 Developing a new product is also a project. Hannah as Vice president responsible for this Task. It is important to develop a plan before the start of the project. Taking the time to develop a well-thought-out plan is critical to the successful accomplishment of the project.

 Participation builds commitment. The people who will be involved in performing the project must participate in planning the work. But the Hannah was unable to coordinate the project that Jim to participate in the product planning. Therefore the Jim as a sales manager now does not take any responsibility. Hence the participation of the all responsible party in product development is vital.

4. What lessons can be learned for future projects?

 Hannah Elkton as a vice president of the delta, Inc. faced problems in this project because of the lack of skills in the project planning.

 Therefore, it is wise to adapt to project planning process in future projects to minimize the different kind of risk.



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