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Racism Is one of Today's Biggest Issues

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Essay Preview: Racism Is one of Today's Biggest Issues

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Racism is one of today's biggest issues. Many are not conscious of how much racism still exists in our societies. Blogger Satoshi Kanazawa of Psychology Today also known as an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics published findings on the relative attractiveness of women from different races. The topic is stirring a massive controversy around the world. Satoshi states, "Black women are on average much heavier than nonblack women . . . [b]lack women have lower average level of physical attractiveness" (Kanazawa 1). Blogger Kanazawa also feels if you're a black African woman you're less attractive than a woman of another race. Kanazawa accepts that men who are black African are more attractive than other men from other cultures. He is contrasting the black and non black races. Kanazawa wants his readers to believe the resentment that is between this race and other races, is because of everyday comparisons.

Ethics are principles reflecting the values of a society, Kanazawa has manipulated Black woman, as well the black culture. All women Black, White, Asian, and Native American should "all" be equally treated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Kanazawa has used attractiveness based on photographs. They're marked differences of physical attractiveness among woman of different races. Consequently, there's an outright attack on black women everywhere. The women of the Black African race have higher levels of testosterone than other races and therefore have "more" masculine features. The presumption is that Black women are inherently less attractive than white women, and also woman of other races. Kanazawa mentions, "[B]lack women are less attractive, but that the results of the study showed that this general trend that seems to exist" (Mediate). Overlooking the image from the article you see an outright attack on black women everywhere, blatant racism, and the two women are facing one another. The African American woman has log curly hair, while the Caucasian woman is with a clean shaved head. Both of these women are beautiful and natural. There's no clothing is shown in the picture, the picture is taken from shoulders up, and the background is simple and white. Ethics are principles reflecting the values of a society. Measuring attractiveness is in the same exact boat as trying to measure happiness. The article mentions, "Nor can the race difference in intelligence (and the positive association between intelligence and physical attractiveness) account for the race difference in physical attractiveness among women (Kawanaza 2). He also states, "African women have more Testosterone more than other races that are the reason they are less attractive" (Kawanaza 2). This of course is not true. He is trying to bring science into his piece trying to sneak his racist view as a scientific proof. Kanazawa is using science as



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