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Racism and Prejudice

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Essay Preview: Racism and Prejudice

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Prejudice is wrong and racism is also wrong. Racism and prejudice has been going on for hundreds of years in almost corner of the globe. Since racism and prejudice have been going on for such a long amount of time. It is possible to say that it would be rather differcult to completely eradicate it from the world. Due to the fact that where ever a person could go there would always be hatred of another race in one form or another. Thus it would be impossible to completely dispose of racism. One example of this is the jews who have been the victim of racism and prejudice since the time of the greeks. For example in the early 1900s the Russian leaders called Czars incouraged pograms. Which was a government sponsored attack on jews. Hundreds of thousands died. That is why so many russian jews moved from Russia to the U.S in the years following that. A second example is the Spanish Inquistion in 1492 when the Pope in Italy send a letter to the king of Spain saying that Jews were seducing good catholics away from Christatiy. So the king ordered a expultion of all jews from Spain. The number of jews is thought to be around a 100,000. A third example of the jews experiencing racism is when Germany started the mass killing and murder of jews. Otherwise known as the holocaust. Even in this day and age there other still people who hate jews and believe in Hitlers view otherwise known as neo nazi.



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