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Radio Communications

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1. Radio is a way of communication. It is a perfect platform to discuss pressing issues. Radio is the perfect source portable information means that nobody wants to carry their television around so for radio they can. Even now a day, a lot of people interested to listen to the radio, because it is affordable and electricity is no necessity to operate the battery. Everyone can easily share their views without facing anyone if they have a hesitation to speak in front of the world. They can also hide their identity from people and easily express their feelings to someone. Moreover, in areas where access to technology is expensive, their radio continues to play an important in sharing information about the most recent updates. Radio broadcast 24 hours in a day.

2. Music is important for movies, video games, and advertisement. Producers, marketers and video creators use music to capture the viewer’s attention. It also makes them a lot more entertaining. Moreover, it helps to convey and build emotion and makes us more connected to them. Music used to highlight certain events in a story and games. Video game developers add a soundtrack to create an atmosphere according to the game. Games can get really boring without any music. With music, we can easily remember things. For next time, if we listen to the same music about anything, then we can easily recall about that thing what that was. During any movie, game and advertisement, any type of soundtrack are going on, we also feel like that i.e. if music is horror then we also feel afraid. The use of music does a lot of effect on movies, video games, and advertising.


1. Radio is the one – way audio wireless transmission used for communication. It was the only way to communicate with each other in the past before television and technology. It is a radiation of electromagnetic signals by free space. It is a cheap source of communication.

2. Yes, it is important. Because radio communication can be available where any satellite and mobile phone services are not possible. Furthermore, during driving we can’t use cell phones; through radio, we can get the latest updates while driving.

3. Yes, I am using a radio in my daily life. I have no time to watch T.V continuously. I am living far from my home country. To get updates from time to time about my country, I use the radio. It is easy for me to carry from one place to another. Usually, I listen to the news on the radio, but sometimes I also play music on it.


1. Copyright is the legal right and form of protection given to the author for his original work. If we own a copyright in our work then we have only right to control it. If somebody wants to use your material then they have to get permission from you to use otherwise they have to buy it. When you are registering the copyright



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