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Ready (mat. 24:43 - 25:13)

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Essay Preview: Ready (mat. 24:43 - 25:13)

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As the owner of your house, you must be ready or prepared as if you knew what time a thief would come and rob you (Mat. 24:43-44). As a faithful and wise servant put in charge while the master is away continues to do the master’s will as if he was still there and was ready for his master return and was rewarded. Unlike the wicked servant who decided to do what he wanted to do because his master was away was unprepared for his master return and was punished. We must be wise and faithful to do what we know to do that is right, whether our master is around or not in order to be ready and prepared for the master return (Mat. 24:45-51). We must be wise knowing what we need to be ready and prepared for the bridegroom arrival even when delayed than being foolish not knowing and not having what we need to be ready and prepared. Or else we will miss out on the only opportunity we have (Mat. 25:1-13).

I have three sayings for the three parables, 1) Stay alert Stay alive (an army saying which means to be vigilant), 2) Do what is right publicly and privately whether someone sees you or don’t sees you, and 3 It’s better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it or if you failed to plan then you planned to fail. These three parables are telling us that there is no excuse or reason for us not to be ready or prepared. Jesus says he is the way the truth and the life (Jn. 14:6). He already prepared the way for us. Everything we need to know in order to be ready and prepared is in his word and the yielding to the Holy Spirit. We must read it and apply it to our lives, and allow the Holy spirit to give us guidance everyday in order to be ready at all times.

We tend to deceive ourselves thinking we have nothing but time on our side. Or that Satan will deceive us as well making us think we have a lot of time till Jesus returns.  He tells us we can have all the fun and do what we want to do till we are ready to give our lives to the lord and live right. For we all know God says tomorrow is not promised and we must be ready at all times. Ready or not here comes Jesus! We must live everyday like it’s our last day. We do not know the day or hour so we must be ready and prepared. So if he comes like a thief in the night, a master who went away temporarily then returns, and was delayed showing up to pick us up for the wedding for whatever reason it shouldn’t matter because we are prepared and ready no matter what. So there is no need to worry for we know when he comes we shall celebrate and be rewarded.



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