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Recruitment Induction Termination

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Essay Preview: Recruitment Induction Termination

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Based on the information in the Appendix to this case study,your notes and all other independent research answer following:


1. Describe the recruitment process for call centre staff.

Firstly,applicants should tailor CV through website or staff reformal scheme.For some company like Telecom,applying online is the only method.If everything goes well,applicants will receive a comfirmation letter sent by recruitment team.If you haven't received your comfirmation letter,you must contact interview team.

If applicants' condition is suitable for current opening, company will arrange an interview or interviews for you.cadidates will be seperated and tested and interviewed in assessment centre at the same time.

In some company,applicants have to accept a thirty or fourty minutes' telephone interview in some company.Then,the candidates will be asked to accept a series of exercises on

(1)Typing ability,to examine your accuracy.

(2) Numerical test: Precisely this test could examine your ability to read digrams and figures.

(3)Role play:the candidates may be given a scenario and than they have to answer few questions from a telephone caller.

(4) Listening skills: somebody on the pphone will tell you some information and they have to complete some exercises depending on these information.

If you performance well,company will manage face to face interview for you.

For the first face to face interview of applicants,recruiter will check on his background first.Some company will ask applicants to provide few referees for company.

In typical recruitment process for call centre staff,candidates will be tested and interviewed in assessment centre.Than,depending on the level and position applicant apply for,credit check and psychometric assesments will be adopted.Some times company will go through a police report check.Also,applicant have to answer some questions base on the position he apply for.After

We suppose that from now on everything goes well,company will send agreements to applicants. All company adopt written employement aggreement.At last,applicants will be asked to finish medical examination to ensure applicants can have well being during working time.

2. Why and how, does the agency diffrentiate between experienced,non-experienced,college and modern apprentice appicants?

The agency differentiate these different kinds of applicants because the agency must choose the right people for right job.Some work must distributed to experienced applicants and the salary between experienced applicants and non-experienced applicants is different.And also modern apprentice applicants will be asked to sign a contract particularly for apprentice applicants--since they are apprentice applicants, company will give them simple task to complete.In the same manner, experienced applicants will be given complexed work to finish. If there is no working experiences written in applicants' CV(only have record of his performence at school or as a apprenticeship), that means this applicant is a non experienced applicants.In the same manner, a applicant who has lot of working experiences must have working experience in his CV.If an applicant is a college graduate,he must have no formal working experience and prectical training experience in his CV.For modern apprentice appllicants ,he/she must tell company that he/she is a modern apprentice applicant.

3. What skills,personal qualities and experience are being sought by this agency?Explain how this is measured by the telephone interview.

Since telephone only can measure soft skills,so I will illustrate how soft skills are measured by the telephone interview.These soft skills I am going to explain soft skills can be practiced:

(1) empathy

Telephone recruiter can ask applicant this kind of question: A customer call this centre and complain about this call centre with bad tempre, how do you handle this issure? A good applicant should try to steady this customer's emotion first and trying to understand the main problem of customer.

(2) communication

For communication skills, applicants should be asked how many kinds of language can applicant use and then test the frequency of each language.

(3) good manners

Recruiter can ask some qustions to measure one's manner. For example,

recruiter can ask applicant if you humilated by customer, what will you do next. Some applicants with bad manner may humilate customer.

There are four basic quality that the applicants must have:confident,positive,friendly



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