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Recruitment Process

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Recruitment Process

Money motors are always pushing to locate new talent and we do everything to ensure the job position not only benefits our company, but you as well. We will get to find out a lot about you during our selection process and hopefully your journey can begin with us as soon as possible.

During the recruitment process you will first need to upload your CV to our website and answer a few short questions about yourself. If we like what we see you will be shortlisted to complete a personality and ability test. If indeed you are successful on all aspects you will be invited to an assessment centre. Here you will be subject to a few short interviews focusing on technical and behavioural skills needed to work with us. Other areas of the assessment centre include a presentation and team bonding skills to judge your ability to work within a team and you're speaking and listening skills.

If by the end of this selection process you have impressed us we will be delighted to welcome you aboard Money Motors and start your journey to success.

Factory Policy

Most of our materials will be sourced locally from various factories to save costs on transport and reduce carbon emissions. These materials will then be assembled into our vehicles not only by machinery, but a local workforce, reducing the unemployment problems in the local area. Our employees will be treated fairly and equally to keep absenteeism as low as possible. Team morale and motivation is a very important aspect of MM and we listen to every individual who has an idea or a problem in the work place. We feel listening to our employees gives a sense of value and cohesion overall developing an efficient work force resulting in a high level of productivity. All of our machines are regularly serviced to a high quality to ensure they function correctly and effectively.



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