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Red Badge of Courage

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Essay Preview: Red Badge of Courage

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Stephan Crane's writing is one of the reasons Red Badge of Courage is so perplexing. His writing adds a lot of meaning to the story. In Stephan Crane's Red Badge of Courage, Crane uses heavy descriptions, variation in writing style, nature, and implies his own opinions to make this book interesting. The course of the novel takes place in only a few months and is lacking in climactic events which is why it would be understandable if it seems slow at parts. However, thanks to Crane's descriptive brilliance, this is hardly ever the case.

What makes this book so readable is the fact that there is a lot of variation in the writing style and format of paragraphs. Some paragraphs are short while others drag on stuffed with adjectives and descriptive words such as when the, "invulnerable dead man forced a way for himself." The plot overall is very simple which is why a lot of details are required to make this book interesting. Crane's writing is almost poetic at times and leads readers to think deeply about situations that Henry is going through. Both the paragraphs and the sentences are on the shorter side which is needed in order to keep the reader interested. While his sentences are always to the point they also include many descriptions which allows the readers to truly feel as if they are in the book.

The dark, elaborate descriptions allow the reader to get a clearer picture of how Henry reacts to different situations. Apart from heavy emphasis on Henry there is also a heavy emphasis on the setting. The setting adds a ton to the meaning of the novel. Henry is constantly trying to justify himself by using nature. Henry also sees nature and can become angry because it is so unaffected by all the killing going on. Nature helps the reader see the bigger picture, meanwhile Henry is left in the dark. Crane incorporating nature into the novel is one of the writing devices he uses to make the book more complex. When he incorporates nature, questions arise within the reader and make the reader think about how nature relates to the whole concept of the novel. Some of his sections that deal with nature are light and easy while others are dark and borderline depressing. Throughout all the killing Henry was angered that, "Nature had gone on tranquilly....in the midst of so much devilment."

Crane uses many metaphors and similes in the novel and implies that Henry is immature throughout the book. Crane's use of poetic devices such as similes and metaphors allow the narrator to be seen in a much higher light then Henry. Crane's writing is overall very formal but his dialogue is refreshingly authentic and really makes the novel seem real. While on one hand Crane's writing may be very mature, Henry is far from reaching any aspect of maturity. There is a heavy emphasis on one character, Henry. Henry struggles to look within to find the answer to the ever-present



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