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Report –explanation of Poster

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  1. Buildings- The buildings illustrates of our universities which is a place for academic (students, lecturers and staffs) and non-academic (securities, cleaners, visitors and etc) to get or learn more knowledge.

  1. Bulb- The bulb light illustrates of human thinking (Eg; new ideas and innovations). When we have a clean environment, it can affect our thinking and actions and it also will lead the academic and non-academic more productive.
  1. Graduation cap- Graduation Cap illustrates the successful in life. Its means that the clean environment will lead students to finish their studying and success in life.
  1. Leafs and trees- The leaf illustrates that we need more tree in a campus. This is because the trees will provide oxygen to humans and living things. Besides, trees also help to prevent any pollution such as air pollution. So human and living things can live healthily and people become more effective and creative.
  1. Earth globe and recycle circle- The earth globe is illustrating our world. We want to have a healthy place not only in campus but all around the world. While the recycle circle illustrates that we are using 3R (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce) concept in our campus and we also want to reach all people around the world to using this concept in their life.
  1. Green, blue, white, brown and yellow colours- All of this colour is a symbol of our nature and living thing, such as trees, ocean, land, cloud and etc.
  1. Cloud- The cloud illustrates of fresh air. A clean and fresh air can affect human feeling and mood. We want to have a clean and fresh air in our campuses so that all the academic and non-academic showing a positive attitude and action to each others.
  1. “Going Green, Living Clean” and “Go Green”- The meaning of this quote is that by having many green colours (from flowers and trees) in our surrounding, it can prevent us from any disease and we can live healthier.
  1. “Our Environment, Our Future”- The environment that we have today should be maintained. If not, then the next generation will not be able to see the natural beauty of our environment we have now.
  1. “What's the point of your education, if you still throw garbage on streets? To be picked up by an uneducated person”- This quote is addressed to all people to awaken them to stop throwing rubbish everywhere (Stop Littering).



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