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Report on Guide Dogs

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My report is going to be on guide dogs. In this I will show how the guide dogs are used in everyday life. I will show how they are trained to help the blind. I will show you about guide dogs and service dogs. I will also show you the dog breeds used for guide and service dogs. In this I will show you the importance of guide dogs to the disabled.

Guide dogs begin training at just a puppy. The dogs are taught basic things like to sit, stay, wait, down, off, etc. and of course they are taught to be house broken. The social training for the dog is one of the most important of all they will learn. During this training dogs are introduced to sights, smells, sounds, and unusual surfaces. The trainers also keep close attention to their socializing toward dogs, people, and traffic. And this is a basic training for a guide dog.

Many people refer to these dogs as guide dogs, but there is another way to call a dog that leads, a service dog. They are very alike in ways that they both have to watch out closely to everything that is going on around them. A service dog are hearing dogs, they are used for the deaf. Another type of service dog is a seizure alert dog, but these dogs are very uncommon to see. And these are the types of service dogs.

There are many breeds of dogs to choose from some of the most common are golden retriever, German shepherd, and Labrador retriever. Many people can pick almost any breed they are looking for though. The common breeds I pointed out are used because of their intelligence, willingness to work, and their mobility. The dogs that help are really filling a hole that these people have. And making their lives easier by doing this.

In my research I have learned a great deal of these dogs importance to the disabled. I have also seen how these dogs are trained and when to train them. I have seen the common breeds used by the people. I have seen that these dogs must have a willingness to help the disabled. This information has given me answers to any questions I might have had about guide dogs



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