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Requirements on H2h

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Requirements on H2H

Scope of these requirements can be categorized as:

1. Attendance Management (of agents and line)

2. Agent Status i.e. Suspended, Resigned, Absent

3. Annual Leaves Management

a. Annual leave for contractual staff (according to contract)

b. Annual leave according to roster off days

c. Limitation on total AL count (number of agents on annual leave should not exceed the given count according to units e.g. Consumer Segment, business segment and will change according to headcount)

d. In case there are emergency annual leaves, AM's can update it

e. Minimum of 5 AL's to be taken in 1 slot

f. In case agent does not have 5 AL, he should consume all

4. Alternate Task, Extra Agent & Swap Option

a. Alternate task - with option to edit remarks and also with start date/time & end date/time.

b. Category of On Swap With for swap originator and the option to update the status of swap accommodator. (all the options already available)

5. Leaves Management

a. Short leaves (sick & casual)

b. Sick Leave exception (health care & management separately) and casual leave exception (to be updated by AM's or OPC)

c. Unpaid Leaves

6. Rosters Management

7. Reports

a. Daily report visibility

b. Access/feature to export data (date wise, unit wise, agent wise, reporting line wise etc.) to OPC, and reporting lines

c. Editing rights to OPC and AM's

d. Intimation to OPC for contact center annual leaves (CRO only).

8. System Email Intimation

a. System shall be able to send email intimations to concerned employees in case if leaves are updated/added, approved/rejected etc.

Addition in fields and other related requirements:

1. Leave record updation for contractual staff (contract to contract & overall)

2. Short leaves (sick & casual)

3. Sick Leave exception (health care & management separately) and casual leave exception (to be updated by AM's or



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