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Research Article Analysis Paper

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Research Article Analysis

James Hankerson


August 01. 2012

Kevin Hewitt

Research Article Analysis

In recent years research has shown among disadvantaged ethic groups in the United States, the neediest and least helped are probably African American males. African American men suffer in variety of areas such as housing, education, health care and employment.

In the peer-review article Understand Black Males it examine that African American males need to have early positive experience within the education environment, that will prepare them to be successful in the academic process. Study shows that most black males do not attend a quality preschool program or participate in early learning opportunities (Mc Call, 1993 p.4.).

This article also explains how "public schools are the first place that many children get the chance to demonstrate mastery and their capability outside of their family environment (Rounds & Bryant, 2008 p. 27)." If African American males are not successful in the classroom most of the time many will drop-out or be incarcerated at a very early age. College and incarceration retention rates point to a miserable plight for many black males.

In this research article it will address the following statements and questions.

* Identify the purpose of the research, study problem and questions.

* Describe the design of the study.

* Identify an operational definition used by the researchese.

* Provide one example of inductive logic and one example of deductive logic presented in the results.

* Identify whether the research study is a quantitative or qualitative design. Explain.

* Identify the methodology, population, sampling, methods, and return rate if applicable.

* What were the findings of the study?

* Describe the author's conclusions and recommendations.

* In your opinion, could the study have been done differently or improved? Detail your response.

The current study examined the education of African Americans males and how the

public school is trying to understand black males in the academic setting. The study says that the school systems across America are spending money, sponsoring workshops, investing in programs, offering teachers bonuses, and even evoke the name of President Obama efforts to encourage black's male to raise the academic achievements.

The purpose of the study were to understand how African American males feel about school, why classes are not interesting, and why they are not motivated to get an education.

The research problem is that African American males lack the parental involvement and social skills to help them be successful in the classrooms. Simple skills such as being call on to answer a question, raising their hands, and following directions are tasks that prevent and disturbing number of black males from engaging in the learning process.

Two questions that guided the researchese in the study.

* Would African American students lack the social skills for learning?

* Would African



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