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Review of Harry Sinclair Drago's the Legend Makers

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Essay Preview: Review of Harry Sinclair Drago's the Legend Makers

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Review of Harry Sinclair Drago's The Legend Makers

My Review of the Author

As far as books go to read for this class I would have to say The Legend Makers is one of the most fascinating books on western history I have ever read. There is very little information about the author to be found, but his name is Harry Sinclair Drago. He was born on the 20th day of March in the Year 1887. His birth place was Toledo Ohio, which at the time was said to be one of the biggest cities in Ohio. That is all that was available on his younger life but as an adult Drago was obviously a busy and established writer. He wrote about a dozen books all nonfiction books based on the cow town days of the west. He also was a screen writer for about 15 different Western film productions, with a career in screen writing lasting from 1916 to 1958. Some of his other books include such titles as Outlaws on Horseback: The History of the Organized Bands of Bank and Train Robbers Who Terrorized the Prairie Towns of Missouri, Kansas, Indian Territory, and Oklahoma for Half a Century or The Great Range Wars: Violence on the Grasslands. I have looked over both books and they both seem equally interesting and are also nonfiction books. Drago also had a career as a screen writer for several films in the early 1900's. Several of the films are westerns but there are a few titles of romance and comedy that don't fit with the rest of the resume. There is very little else written about Drago, his life is somewhat a mystery as I was only able to track down his resume as a writer/screen play writer. His writing style is fantastic! I was reminded of hearing my grandfather telling stories while reading this book. His detailing style of describing the towns and people made his writing fun to read. His book was a good read and hard to put down.

My Review of the book

The book entitled The Legend Makers Tales of The Old-Time Peace Officers and Desporadoes of the Frontier was a marvelous read. It brought all of the myth of the Wild West's most famous villains and peace officers down to earth. Before reading this book I watched the film Tombstone. This book brought the Earp's story down a notch and was far more believable than Hollywood versions we have grown so accustomed to.

The book opens up with telling the story of Marshal Tom Smith of Abilene. He was the Law in Abilene; it was his job to collect fines and solve homicides which were quite common in those days. Drago paints a stunning picture of the town and the tough Irish Marshall Tom Smith. I was surprised at how little Smith used his pistol. He was more of a bar room brawler than a constable of the town. He as many other peace officers of the west in that time, enacted a no guns in town law. The cowboys were asked to check their guns with the bar keepers



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