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Review of Playstation 2 User Manual

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Essay Preview: Review of Playstation 2 User Manual

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The user manual reviewed is for the Playstation 2, which is available as a download from the internet (http://www.playstation.com/manual/pdf/SCPH-90001CB_2.pdf). The instructions are clearly written, with sufficient detail to enable most end-users to set up and use the game console. The table of contents includes sections on preparation and set up of the console, inserting game disks and playing games, the audio CD functions, using the DVD function, the main menu, using the Playstation 2 on a network, and additional information. Instructions are included in English, French, and Spanish, but the focus of this review is on the English version (pages 1-38.) Information is also given for the correct use of optional equipment that is sold separately, that may enhance the use of the game console.

The preparation, game, CD, and DVD sections all include labeled drawings, which make it much simpler for the end-user to identify what is being discussed in the instructions. The instructions are in order and include references to the drawings where applicable. No assumptions are made about the end-users level of experience, so even the most basic of users should be able to connect the game console to the television and use all of the intended functions of the console. The language level is such that most people with a familiarity with English should be able to install and use the console. However, the drawings are detailed enough that someone with limited reading or English skills would most likely be able to install and use the console although not all functions may be understood.

The instructions include warning boxes that include information on setting up the console and safe usage of this electrical device. There is even a warning on choosing the correct sound setting to prevent hearing loss or damage. Also included are many hints that include shortcuts to various functions, alternate settings, and information on how to get the best performance from the game console.



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