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Right to Information Act (rti) India

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Essay Preview: Right to Information Act (rti) India

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The right to Information act, is on the lines of the various enactments world wide and flows from the constitution of India, which allows the rights to the general public to know and have knowledge of various activities undertaken by the government and statutory authorities.

Right to Information is enacted and gives right to the people to address their grievances and find solutions and make the officers involved accountable for the letahrgy.

Thus right TO information is a tool in the hands of the public to seek information regarding any thing ane every thing related to the government activities, however not all information is accessible. This information is banned under the Secrets Act.

The Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI) is an Act of the Parliament of India. It is the implementation of freedom of information legislation in India on a national level "to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens." The Act applies to all States and Union Territories of India, except the State of Jammu and Kashmir - which is covered under a State-level law. Under the provisions of the Act, any citizen (excluding the citizens within J&K) may request information from a "public authority" (a body of Government or "instrumentality of State") which is required to reply expeditiously or within thirty days. The Act also requires every public authority to computerize their records for wide dissemination and to proactively publish certain categories of information so that the citizens need minimum recourse to request for information formally. This law was passed by Parliament on 15 June 2005 and came fully into force on 13 October 2005.[1] Information disclosure in India was hitherto restricted by the Official Secrets Act 1923 and various other special laws, which the new RTI Act now relaxes.



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