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Risk Analysis, Loss Prevention and Emergency Planning Case Study 1

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Essay Preview: Risk Analysis, Loss Prevention and Emergency Planning Case Study 1

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Every business big or small should have a security assessment and audit program. The security assessment will determine whether the current security system and plan is protecting the property, personnel, equipment, and classified information (if any). The audit program will ensure that the security policies are being met, that internal controls are functioning properly, and whether security assessments are being conducted.

In order to conduct a security assessment I would create a checklist that would include all the areas I would need to inspect to make sure that the infrastructure is protected from theft and terrorism. This checklist will include the following areas:

Location of Facility - The location has to be considered for safety reasons. Whether it's a high crime location or near one, low crime location, is it located in a high congested area as far as people on the streets or cars on the road. Is it close to a major highway? Is it located in a well-lit area? These are all important factors when it comes to what type of a security plan is needed.

Access Control - Hours of operation and who frequents the facility (employees, customers, students, visitors, etc...) is important to know because it will determine what type of access control the facility should have. Are there badges that have to be worn while inside? Is there a guard at front desk or just a receptionist? Are there personal codes for employees to enter certain areas? Are there special passes for visitors and contractors, do they have to be escorted throughout facility? These things would also depend on what type of a facility this is and what assets are to be protected.

Security Equipment - The facility should have an alarm system emplaced to protect it while closed if need be. How many cameras are there throughout the building, inside and out? Are they functioning? Do they cover all vulnerable spots throughout? Are they being monitored, if so, from where (inside facility or via web elsewhere)? Is there good lighting surrounding the facility? Are there censors at certain locations that trigger the alarm? Smoke detectors and fire alarms are essential for any facility to warn personnel inside and to try to mitigate the problem before it becomes bigger. Both alarms should be programmed to immediately contact outside agencies like the police or fire department when triggered.

Guard Service - Determining whether security guards are needed is very important. If they are, how many are there on site at a time? What are the times they change shifts? Are they making rounds, staying at front desk, roving the outside of facility? Most importantly, is there a way of tracking the times they make their rounds and how often?

Emergency Plans/Policy and Procedures - Emergency plans must cover natural disasters and man-made threats. They must include escape routes and meet-up points for accountability. What to do in case



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