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Roman and Greek Similarities and Differences

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Roman And Greek Similarities and Differences

Government The Romans took many of their ideas of government from the Ancient Greeks. Unlike the Greeks the Romans decided to balance the power of their government into three branches which were the executive, legislative, and judicial branch because early Greek laws were not always official and feuds usually ended in bloodshed and killings.

Geological Terrain Roman geography consisted of mountains and rivers that the Romans used to their advantage to establish communication between tribes. The Alps Mountains are used as a defense because they block the peninsula off during the winter months. Just like the Romans the Greeks also has mountains but the mountains were not use as a great combat or protection strategy.

Economics The Greeks and the Romans used the growth and distribution of crops.

Trade Practices The Greek sent out colonies to the Mediterranean sea to establish agricultural civilizations. The Romans used slavery to mass produce and donate to the government in lieu of monetary tax. Both civilizations also adopted trading throughout Europe.

Art and Architecture The Romans believed in multiple gods and this statue of Herakles is a bronze representation of one of Zeus's mightiest sons who displayed great strength, vitality, and beauty.

Although the Romans and the Greeks were such talented the Greeks were known for their architectural abilities. Above is temple of Athena Parthenos which stood for the virgin goddess of wisdom.

Beliefs and Religion The Romans and the Greeks both had strong beliefs in multiple Gods and Goddess. The Greek gods were known by attributes such as strength and wisdom. The Romans believed in the 12 Olympian Gods such as Zeus which is known as the God of Gods.


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