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Sallie Tisdale - Talk Dirty to Me

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Essay Preview: Sallie Tisdale - Talk Dirty to Me

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What is it about this three letter word...SEX? What is there about sex that is so beyond the safety net of words? When hearing the word sex even the most liberated and knowledgeable people are found to be embarrassed or a little held back in discussion. However pornography, fantasies, orgasms, and other things sexual are all discussed by author Sallie Tisdale as she invites us into the talk we've all been waiting for...the talk about sex.

What is Sex? "Sex is a game, a weapon, a toy, a joy, a trance, an enlightenment, a loss, and a hope", states Sallie Tisdale author of Talk Dirty to Me, one of the most detailed books I have ever read regarding sex. Looking at the cover of this book, you may think this is one of those passionate romance novels that many women get caught reading cuddling up to a box of tissues next to a fire. A photo of a woman's hand gently grasping a tush-shaped peach is the center focus of this cover, and its subtitle being "An Intimate Philosophy" gives you a thought of this book being like any other romance novel. However, your predictions will soon be shot down by reading as little as a few pages of this bind baffling book. You will no longer be caught reading cuddling up next to fire, nor will you need a box of tissues to help you get through the sopping love stories. You will now be finding yourself blushing even gasping for a breath of fresh air after hearing the way Tisdale uses her own experiences with sexuality and people, interviews, literature and even history to open up a dialog about sex.

Talk Dirty to Me is sectioned off into four different approaches: Desire, Arousal, Climax and Resolution. She takes us on a journey through romance and prostitution to mortality. Her words are sharp and detailed, giving you are clear image of the thoughts and stories presented in her book. In fact a little too detailed for my virgin ears at times. Throughout my reading, I caught myself becoming timid yet excited to turn to the next page. Whether she is discussing her enter feelings such as appreciating "the house organ of career prostitution" or using descriptive words such as "genital frustration", Tisdale's words are always honest and informative.

One thing I really enjoyed about this book was the way Tisdale did not push her own beliefs onto her readers. I never felt pressured into agreeing with her words or thoughts on certain situations presented in the text. In fact, one of her ideas about sex workers and prostitution being a "healing" method is something I surely didn't agree with. I believe that most of these so called "sex workers" feel they are forced into these job careers because they have no other choice. It is a job that pays well enough to cover bills in hard times, not something they've dreamed to do in order to "heal" others. To me it seemed as if Tisdale was referring sex workers to doctors:



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