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Santa Claus

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Many years ago there was a story started for young children. It was telling of a man with many names that went around the world in one night and delivered toys to good little boys and girls. We know this man as Santa Claus. Now there are people that have mixed feelings on the story. Should the truth be kept from kids or should it be told to them? I believe that it should still be kept a secret for several reasons, but the three main ones are the fact that it gives hope and belief, inspiration and excitement to kids.

Ever since the beginning of the story told, Santa Claus has given hope and belief to children. It has done this in many ways, but the main way everyone sees it is in the smiles the children have on their faces. Every year on Christmas Eve the children and their parents set out cookies and milk for Ol' Saint Nick. When morning comes they wake to see that the milk and cookies are gone and that there are presents under the tree. This puts a big smile on the kids faces and belief in their hearts that there really is someone that is watching good little boys and girls.

The second of the main reasons is because of inspiration. When parents tell their children the story of Santa watching them the children are in awe, but they are also shocked and scared. Knowing that there is someone that may or may not bring them gifts makes them inspired to become better. Every year kids try to be better at being good so they can receive gifts for Christmas. Along with that, the inspiration lasts for a life time with them. Knowing that there is a Santa as a child makes them tell the story as parents to their children to inspire them to be good.

The third reason that I believe we should keep the secret from the children is because it brings excitement to them. Every year around Christmas time the kids love the lights, the music and the stories. They get happy knowing that they are going to get presents. On Christmas Eve they get excited to know that they only have one more day before Santa leaves them their presents. Christmas morning when they awake they find presents under the tree and are extremely excited to see what Santa Claus brought them. They go and wake up their parents so they can go ahead and open their gifts and play with whatever they got.

Many years ago this secret started and has been a trend for decades. Now there is a debate on whether or not to keep it that way. I believe that it should so we can keep seeing the excitement in the kids eyes. Also, if we do not keep it the children will no longer have hope and belief for the holidays nor would they have inspiration to be good. So to all those that believe the secret needs to be spilled, I disagree. I enjoy see the children happy around the holidays and I know many more do as well, so why should we spoil everything for the little ones?



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