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Sarvabhumi - Complete Solution to Problems Faced by Small-Scale Industries in India

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Essay Preview: Sarvabhumi - Complete Solution to Problems Faced by Small-Scale Industries in India

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Anubhav Sharma

Anirudh Chugh

Stuti Sharma

(Thapar university, Patiala)

VISION-'Sarvabhumi' basically is a complete solution to problems faced by small-scale industries in India and making them competent with the big names. And we want to see an india where small scale traders can relistically dream of being an ambani or a tata and we wish to provide them a right direction to utilize their resources


Ludhiana is sought as the ‘Manchester Of India’ and being there for 18 years, one of our team member realised that those who make it Manchester are basically small scale factory owners who are  uneducated and lack any vision or strategy. The city is flooded with foreign traders who come on regular basis for goods.

WHAT if there is a plan for maximising their economic benefits?

WHAT if the traders could order their good online?

WHAT if there is decentralization of these factories and a reserve pool for their goods ?

These questions made us look for other such cases and to the surprise,

almost every other city in India has its own tale like  Zaveri baazar (Mumbai)

THOUGH there are giants in this field like Infosys and TCS but-

  1. They don’t entertain small scale firms.
  2. Lack region-specific approach and have broad area of dealing


1.        First of all we need to identify the small scale firms and lay down rules for categorization of small scale firm(turnover should not be less than 0.5 million for an year)

2.        Source of funding of the firm should be well established and should have no inquiry pending against it (ie there should be no case of tax evasion or any malpractice being conducted by the firm)

3.        After identification of the firms its important to discuss and dissect the nitty gitties of a roadmap for their future development.

4.        We see small scale firms face problems while trying to expand their business and are not able to generate the required capital.

5.  As far as our role is considered, we’ll help the companies to promote their products keeping in mind the areas of their expertise and rather than advertising everywhere, analyze the target areas.

6. Information regarding market trends will be regularly analyzed  by our technical team and consultancy would be provided on regular basis.

     To reach out to the markets and gain our economic stability we plan to launch a scheme known as the-


1.         As far as the registry of the company is concerned it will be done under section 609 of the company’s act and proper documents will be submitted with the registrar of companies.

2.        We plan to set up our base in Delhi

3.        Land acquired for this purpose will be done both legally and proper compensation will be paid to the land owner

4.        The cost of acquiring the land will be part of our initial investments in setting up a firm which we feel will reap rich benefits in the coming 10 years

5.        As far as our company is concerned we plan to bring experienced and retired ceo’s and convince them with our ideas.

6.         Source of funding will be based on the sponsors we are able to genrate quite frankly.

6. Our firm SARVABHUMI will work with SIDO(Small industries development organization) and other governmental agencies and help them with their objectives.

7.        UNDER EFUS small scale firms will be encouraged to apply for further investments in proper direction.

8. On receiving their applications the board of directors of our firm comprising of senior professionals will take a final call in consultations with the govt. agencies

9. All the companies under EFUS will be allowed to deposit a security a perquisite for any firm and the amount will as per standard operating procedures.

10.The investment given out will be for an initial period of 6 months with the an interest rate about .25% lower than the market rate

11.After 3 months an inspection will be done both by the govt. and our firm.

12.As per our designed model the company under this scheme will be asked to shell out 12.5% of their profits out of which 2.5%will be put into a separate fund for further investments and 10% will be on the revenue side.

13. We further propose to classify these profits into 3 subcategories

HIGH PROFIT REIGON (HPR): Firms recording profits above 40% will be classified under this category and will be eligible for further benefits



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