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Satan Vs the Satan

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Satan vs The Satan

 Assignment 1

Ryan Chang

        In both the book of Job chapters one and two and Matthew chapter four, the nature of evil in Satan is evident, although it is expressed in different ways. These two books show the power of satan, while he still meets with heavenly beings. In the book of Job, Satans power is demonstrated through the punishments and tests he physically puts on Job. In Matthew 4 Satan uses temptation in an attempt to get Jesus to denounce the lord. These two ways that Satan manipulates and uses his power is explored in these two texts. Parallels can be drawn between the type of person he looks to manipulate, and his reasons for manipulation, although the way he manipulates is quite different in each text.  

        The Satan in the book of Job meets with the heavenly beings. Satan challenges the Lord, convinced that Job will curse the lord. This shows the relationship between Satan and the Lord, because he challenges him. Later in the book of Job, Satan demonstrates his power by testing Job, with increasingly cruel punishments. The frustration of Satan shows as Job always comes back to the Lord, therefore causing Satan to punish Job more and more. The Lord does not intervene at anytime, knowing that Job is a true believer and will never denounce him. Satan in the book of Job spends large amounts of time on earth, telling the Lord he has come From going to and fro on the earth, and walking up and down on it. Satans large presence on earth suggests his fascination with humans, explaining his eagerness to test Job. Satans power in the book of Job is expressed more in punishments and actions, as he tests Job physically as opposed to tempting him. These punishments are cruel and demonstrate the power of Satan, and although they seem unbearable, Job keeps his loyalty to the Lord.

        Satan in Matthew 4 uses temptation as a demonstration of his power. Testing Jesus, Satan assures him that God will always save him. Jesus does not give into Satans temptation. In Matthew 4, Satan believes that with enough temptation, even Jesus will fall and give in. This misconception of the strength of the Lords followers is similar to the Satan in the Book of Job. Satan believes that with enough temptation the Lords loyal followers will fall, but he is proven wrong. A recurring theme in both these books is the loyalty the Lord, which always overpowers Satan. In Matthew 4:8 Satan takes Jesus to a high mountain and shows him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour.This act from Satan is unique because Jesus is tempted not with indulging in the power of the Lord, but by physical possessions given to him by Satan.



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