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Script for Rizal

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DARWIN: Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!  Tonight, witness, as eight dazzling candidates present their very best and vie for the covetous crowns right here at this stage.

EYAH: As the night fills with sheer excitement, we will soon find out who will be the worthy title holders. I’m Eyah Marquez.

DARWIN: And I’m Darwin Dico.

LEM: I’m Lemuel Ramos. And this is

BOTH: Search for MR. and MS. CLCC 2017

EYAH: Good evening, Darwin! Good evening Lem!

DARWIN: Good evening, Eyah! You look wonderful tonight! It’s a privilege for me to be right here beside you hosting the Mr. and Ms. CLCC-ICAT 2017.

EYAH: Thank you! I’m happy hosting this event with you as well, Darwin, Lem! Indeed, this is the most awaited night for our exquisite candidates. And everyone is excited about this pageant, right?

LEM: That’s right, Eyah! Our spectators have their own bets on who will win this prestigious pageant.

EYAH: You know what, Darwin? I’ve observed that our candidates looked more than astonishing especially on their creative wear.

DARWIN: Well, looking at our eight stunning candidates here, I’d say it will definitely be a tough night for them.

EYAH: But of course only two of them will get the outstanding titles by the end of this pageant. So to help us decide who among our candidates deserve to be the next MR. and MS. CLCC-ICAT, here is the panel of judges:

LEM: Our first judge is one of the He is a

DARWIN: Next, we have the

Please welcome,

LEM: Our third judge is the

EYAH: Our fifth judge

LEM: And lastly,

EYAH: There they are! The people who will be responsible in deciding who will be the next MR. and MS. CLCC-ICAT and here’s our criteria for judging.

LEM: Thank you, Eyah! The final phase of CLCC-ICAT’s foundation(BUWAN NG WIKA) week celebration never left behind elegance and ingenuity. The pageant is not only merely about glamour and poise but also defines the contestant’s characters as well.

EYAH: I definitely agree with you, Lem! I’m sure these candidates want to know how they will be judged accordingly. So, the official criteria for judging of the Mr. and Ms. CLCC-ICAT 2017 are as follows:


EYAH: Alright, since we’ve already presented our panel of judges and the criteria for judging, let us now tell them the first award of the night – bests in creative wear!

DARWIN: I have here with me the result for our Bests in Creative Wear.

EYAH: This pair of awards is given to the male and female candidates who have impressed our judges in tonight’s creative wear.

LEM: May we call on (insert yung magsasabit ng sash)

Our Bests in Creative Wear are Mr. Candidate no. -----!

EYAH: and Ms. Candidate no. -----!

Both of them will receive a sash.

DARWIN: Well, we’ve only just begun ladies and gentlemen. And to give us more of what are candidates prepared for this night, let’s hear it again.

LEM: Thank you, Darwin! As we all know, these activities are conducted to provide them enriching experiences that they must learn and shared.

EYAH: That’s right! Our candidates have changed from typical students to cordial candidates of this pageant. They have now walked this stage with flair and style. Our pre – pageant activities helped them so much to develop their outer and inner persona. They have transformed starting from talent competition; the photo shoots. The candidates grew more as a person after every activity. And for us to know what I’m talking about, let’s all watch this!

DARWIN: That’s awesome! The candidates really had each treasured moments through our pre – pageant activities. I am sure that these experiences enhanced their personalities.

EYAH: Besides, these activities will retain in the minds of our candidates as another remarkable experience for them, Darwin. For that, I would like to say that we are grateful to our candidates for their presence and participation on the pre – pageant activities.

LEM: Moving on, ladies and gentlemen, let’s all prepare for the next turn as these sixteen candidates sizzle on their summer wear. So, fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!

DARWIN: Absolutely captivating! Am I seeing models here or are they just really our fellow classmates?

EYAH: You can never tell, Darwin! These candidates really possess the bearing and poise as they did the walk wearing those divine summer wear.

LEM: You’re undoubtedly right, Eyah!

DARWIN: So, let us now announce the winners for bests in swim wear. To present the award may we call on Ms. (INSERT JUDGE)

EYAH: Our best in swim wear is Mr. Candidate no.__!

LEM: And best in swim wear is Ms. Candidate no.__!

LEM: Moving on, we have already seen how the candidates carry themselves on stage with their summer wear but there sure is something unique about them.

DARWIN: More than beauty and charm, let us see what they have in store for us.

EYAH: It is surely more than physical quality that meets the eye.

LEM: Our candidates had shown their genuine talents making each and every one of them stand out on their own.

EYAH: Talking about their competencies, let us take a look of what happened in the talent competition. Please watch this.



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