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Service Value Drives Customer Satisfaction

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Essay Preview: Service Value Drives Customer Satisfaction

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Service value drives customer satisfaction:

ERAC have the perfect rental package for its customers. They have extraordinary convenience in the form of nearby locations and employees can pick up or drop off customers at their destinations that help sets the company apart from its competition. They also offer excellent rates, which are made possible by the operating strategy and have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from for every occasion.

Customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty:

Because of the good deals and experience ERAC brings, a lot of customer are satisfied and it leads to a relationship with ERAC. Not only do they have to gain loyalty with customers, they also have business with repair facilities that have to create a good relationship with. ERAC employees bring pizzas and doughnuts to workers to create a better relationship that in turn will result in customer loyalty, which has become a national Wednesday ritual for ERAC.

Customer loyalty drives profitability and growth:

ERAC's focus on the local market has made it grow. Most of ERAC customers are of repair facilities in the community. With the confusion that customers have when they enter a repair facility because of an accident or maintenance, service managers' recommendation would be a great deal of weight. At that point, the good relationships with the service managers of the repair facility have helped ERAC become profitable.

1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car (ERAC) defined its service differently by a number of approaches that differs them from their competition. One of their approaches to car rental industry is their business philosophy of placing customer first then employees, which they put a lot of effort into recruiting, hiring and training. With satisfied customers, they will be sure to come back and with employees who are happy, well informed, and part of a team atmosphere, they will provide the best service possible. ERAC has a service package that focuses on three key benefits for the customer. The first is the convenience of having nearby locations for picking up and dropping off customers at their destinations free of charge. The second is the excellent rates and lastly, the wide variety of vehicles they offer for every occasion. Unlike the typical national car rental, ERAC place attention on the local rental segment. They do not concentrate on the "suits & shorts" of business and holiday segment like those established companies. They now consist of replacement segment, which is for customers that needs a car because of accident or a routine maintenance, and the discretionary segment that is catered for customer on short business trip and leisure trips or other special occasions. And they emphasize a lot on the pickup and drop-off components of its service to differentiate them from their competitors.




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