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Should People on Welfare Have to Be Drugged Tested?

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Essay Preview: Should People on Welfare Have to Be Drugged Tested?

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The unemployment rate in North Carolina is 9.7%. The population of people in North Carolina is approximately 9,535,483 and out of that approximately 435,000 people are unemployed(Google/Public Data). Millions of people are working in order for most of those 435,000 people to live. Some of those individuals once worked while others have never worked a day in their life and are depending on others for money. In order to get (most) jobs in North Carolina you have to have a drug test, so why shouldn't the people getting our their tax dollars have to take them as well? Not to discriminate then or anything, just to simply make sure the money is going towards good causes such as food and housing. Should individuals on Welfare have to be drug tested?

There are many pros and cons of this topic. On a public debate website the question "Should Welfare recipients be tested for drugs?" was asked and voted upon by 596 individuals. Some people believe that "Every person who receives government assistance should be drug tested. Our society has too many people having their drug habits supported by government monies(Kenny, Naomi)." Others believe "People receive welfare because the need it. People receive welfare because all their options have run out(Coley, Lindsay)." Suppose some people don't do drugs? Is it fair to be stereotyped even more? Not everyone on Welfare was once poor, things happen in life. They could've been laid off, a spouse could've died, health problems that caused them to lose their job, or anything else. Life is hard, sometimes people need help. Being on Welfare doesn't mean you're a drug addict and using the money irresponsibly.

On average a family of four gets about $930 a month. The money has to go towards utilities, food, and other important thing. The argument is that people are selling their government monies in order to get drugs. In order to have a home over there head most of the money is sent to that. So how can a person buy drugs pay rent, utilities, and buy groceries for a family of four in one month? It's impossible. A one bedroom apartment in North Carolina can range from $400 to $3,000 depending on where it's located. Imagine a three bedroom apartment.



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