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Snatch Theft Criminal offence

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Essay Preview: Snatch Theft Criminal offence

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From my point of view, snatch theft is an act of criminal offence by stealing people property through steal and run tactics.  Snatch Theft cases are becoming more and more serious recently in our country – Malaysia. The snatch theft cases are frequently being reported through various type of media such as Facebook, Twitter, newspaper and so on which had increase public concern about the snatch theft cases which eventually also increase the concern by government authorities. In my opinion, snatch theft cases are frequently occurring recently due to lack of sensitivity of public. Members of public are lack of sensitivity about the danger that might occur around them. Although the public had known about snatch theft cases that frequently happen in Malaysia, they still carrying handbag or wearing jewelleries without concerning the danger that might occur such as snatch theft cases. Thus, this lead to opportunity for culprit to commit snatch theft crime. Member of public should understand that snatch theft cases might happen anytime and anywhere.

Discussing about snatch theft cases, I had remembered that I had been involved in a snatch theft case during two years ago. During that time, I was focussing on the phone when I was texting with my girlfriend. I was too focussing on the smartphone until I had ignore surrounding situation. Suddenly, a young and bald man appear from nowhere grabs my bag from behind and ride on a motorcycle to run away. I immediately scream and call for help from peoples from nearby area. A crowd of people which having their dinner had heard my scream and immediately chase over the motorcycle. Finally, the crowd of people manage to catch the culprit. The culprit was then sent to the police station to be remanded. I would like to thanks the crowd for helping me catching the culprit and recover the item that being stolen.

I had learnt lot of experience through the snatch theft incident that I faced before. From that incident, I would like to advice all the member of public including myself to increase their sensitivity with the surrounding situation when they are going out from their house. This is because snatch theft crime of nowadays might be happening in anytime and anywhere. So, member of public should be aware of their surrounding such as noticing suspicious person who might be criminal offender and take precaution actions such as try to avoid that person or going into crowd of people. So, member of public able to avoid becoming victim of snatch theft crime. Thus, snatch theft cases also able to be reduced.

From that incident, I also had learnt that a good community which able to help each other able to reduce crime such as snatch theft. Member of the community also can report the suspicious person or activity that might cause occurring of crime such as snatch theft to the nearby police station. Then, the police station would increase their police patrol around the neighbourhood area to protect the safety of neighbourhood. Other than that, community also able to join in community police which responsible with crime prevention in the neighbourhood area. These community police will be trained by the practitioner hired by community authority to improve their skills and knowledge in crime prevention. Other than that, the community police will also have information sharing with the police station. Thus, good community will able to reduce the snatch theft crime.



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