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Social Factor in Airline Industry Development

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Essay Preview: Social Factor in Airline Industry Development

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"S"- social:

Social factor plays a vital role in the development of an Airline industry as three others factors. According to the book, social aspect is macro-environmental which you can not control but change to be appropriate, which brings opportunity and thread to your company (marketing book). It refers to a wildly factor which can be a need, want, demand of the customer or their belief; is difference in everyone point of view and can be presented by social media like newspaper, magazine or internet, etc . In order to be successes, an airline industry in Australia must identify what social is then offer appropriate products.

There is one significant example about the chance that social brings an airline industry. It is a New Year holiday, of course you have a long holiday and you want to travel overseas, so what airline companies would you like to choose? Is it right that you prefer to choose a good brand with an affordable or even cheap price than an expensive one? Noticing that Qantas always sale their ticket's price in some holidays or event periods and that attracted the need, want and demand of customer, that make their company keep their position in customer's mind.

However, if a company just offers a good price, it is not enough to keep customer, not enough to expand their company. When customers choose a company to believe, they not only look at the price but also concern about the company's image, a quality of the product and how convenience the company offers them as well. Those requirements can bring opportunities for the company if they can identify and develop their product, their company strength, or threads for the company if they can not decrease their weakness and change themself to be appropriate.

Qantas noticed those requirements and got the opportunities to success. They were one of the sponsors not only for some charity organizations like Care Australia, Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, UNICEF, Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, etc, but also for some Sport and Art organizations such as Australian Rugby Union, Australia Business Arts Foundation, etc. 2,3

Those things helped Qantas improve their company's image in the customer eyes and became a friendly and social company. To improve their product's qualities, they provided a good in-flight entertainment and an in-sky shopping for customer in every flight 4. Now, customer do not need to go to their office or an agent to book for the ticket, they can stay at home and control how their journey would be by going to Qantas company website and book ticket , car, hotel,...5 It made customer feel comfortable and reliable. Qantas have used the social media very effectively to inform all their strength, development to the customer that they have offered the entire customer's requirement.




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