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Sociological Autobiography

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Essay Preview: Sociological Autobiography

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Sociological Autobiography

I can't think of any major life events that I could relate to sociological concepts even though there may be many events, big or small, that I am overlooking. When I sit to write an essay or a narrative, my mind goes blank and I don't know how to start or even what to write about. Therefore, I will relate sociological concepts to life in general, which may be boring, but the heaviest grading factor of this essay is my understanding of sociological concepts and why there're important to understand.

Humans are different than animals. Animals are living just to survive. I catch myself thinking about this many times throughout the day and it boggles my mind. If you think about it, an animal's goal in life is to do what? An animal's primary goal in life is to reproduce. They live to reproduce, but for what reason?

Humans are different. Humans are extremely more complex creatures. During primitive times I would say humans were also living just to survive. Man would go out to find food and bring it back to his family. There was no need for entertainment, because they had no time for it so it didn't even exist at the time. All day they did work to survive just so they can do the same thing again tomorrow. But humans are always looking to make their life easier or to work more efficiently.

As humans progressed with agriculture, they didn't need to work as hard as they used to. Therefore, they had free time. This free time can lead to boredom which in turn leads to a desire for excitement. As the humans progress in technology, which makes life easier, humans have a much lesser of a work load to survive. So now, the humans have lots and lots of free time which gets them bored. When they are bored they crave entertainment and excitement.

Today, since the beginning, the animals are still busy all day trying to survive. They haven't acquired new ways or new ideas to live more efficiently like the humans have. The difference between animals hand humans is that animals don't have a social class, or norms, or values. They don't have laws, stereotypes, false consciousness or desire.

Humans have desire. Humans have a desire for power, wealth, sex, fame, security, comfort, love, and happiness. For almost all of these things you need money. Also with all of these modern technological advances come conflict theories. When one group of people becomes more powerful than the rest, there becomes inequality in social, political, and material aspects of life.

And then with culture, you have one culture which is more modernized materialistically and also technologically, and another one which is still remote. With this come ethnocentrism, which is the belief of one's ethnic group or culture is superior to the rest. This is because in each culture, the norms are different. What you might consider to



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