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St Paul's Protest

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St Paul's protest

On October 15, 2011, estimated 3,000 people rallied together in the square outside of the London Stock Exchange, located near St Paul's Cathedral in hopes of staging a protest. Law enforcement, however, had different plans. Police intervened and put an abrupt halt to the protestors plans forcing them to come up with another way to continue their protest. So, the crowd decided to move right down the street to St Paul's cathedral. The movement in England is a spin-off of the "Occupy Movement" we see happening on Wall Street. London protestors are concentrating on economic inequality, social injustice, corporate greed, and a lack of transparency and accountability in the city. Since the protest began, the canon chancellor and dean have both resigned. St Paul's Dean Graeme Knowles, said that his position had become untenable. He had not agreed with the way the situation is being handled. Eviction notices were attached to the tents of the protestors. The corporation said that if the protestors refuse to o'bide by the notice then it would begin legal proceedings at the High Court in order to seek the evictions. However, the chapter of St Paul's announced that they want to settle the protest with a peaceful resolution rather than bringing in the legal system. In return, the BBC's policy chairman announced that any legal action would be paused for up to two weeks as both sides discussed what should happen next. Since all of this the chair members keep resigning and practically dropping like flies. Our society needs to come together as a whole and realize that the way we have been acting is childish.



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