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Study on Literature Review and It's Importance

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Essay Preview: Study on Literature Review and It's Importance

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Assessment 2



Assessment 2 Individual Report        1

1. The concept of Literature reviews and its Purpose        1

2. Literature review        2


  1. Assessment 2 Individual Report

  1. 1. The concept of Literature reviews and its Purpose

According to the views of Grayson and Hodges, (2017) literature review is based on appropriate research and details obtained from books, articles and relevant secondary sources as well as it is a part of a discussion on a particular topic. Crowther and Seifi, (2018) reviewed that a literature review is a study including elucidation and summary of the overall and existing state of knowledge on a suitable topic as recognised in the academic books, journals and articles. In addition, these are aimed at providing an appropriate outline of resources which researcher has explored while studying a specific topic and to determine how the investigation fits within a high field of research.  

However, as per the views of Crane, Matten and Spence, (2019) literature review is a systematic, appropriate and comprehensive study of journals, books and articles or other secondary sources related to the particular subject providing a knowledge base. This generally offers consideration on various information sources related to the topic in order to obtain suitable result and conclusion.

Wang and et.al., (2016) has explained about the four main objectives of literature review such as it analyses the literature on a particular part of study. One more objective of the literature review is that the significant data and information in that specific literature is synthesized into a reliable summary. Moreover, results of that assessment clearly determine a solution to summarize the views of other kinds of literature.  The significant information is presented in an organised and logical manner in order to meet the research goals and objectives. In addition to this, by determining limitation of specific theories and viewpoints and by developing areas for further investigation and study of areas of controversy, it critically studies given information and data obtained through the identification of loopholes in present knowledge. Furthermore, review of literature establishes the credibility of research and demonstrates familiarity with an appropriate body of knowledge.  

Schrempf-Stirling, Palazzo and Phillips, (2016) also define review of literature as a combination of two words: Review and Literature. Here, the word literature is concerned with knowledge and information related to the concept, theories and definition utilized in a particular field of research while review means the blend of existing knowledge of a specific field. Furthermore, it also supports in the identification of appropriate methodology, applicable research design, data collection methods, data analysis techniques and carrying research to eliminate disruptions in the field of study. Also, it aids the researcher to understand the available facts and primary sources for determination of the research problems.

This review strive for the purpose to report on the knowledge and ideas which have been established on a particular topic comprising their strengths and flaws while they permit the scholar to determine an agreed academic view on the specified topic. However, it also influences the scholar to discover the disagreements on the alike topic.

Purpose of the literature review

        A suitable study of literature based on academic types provide readers an easy access to research on a specific topic through selection of superior and authentic journals which are pertinent, meaningful, noteworthy and valid summarized them into a complete report. In addition to this, assessment of crucial literature likewise offers proper initial point for scholars beginning to accomplish research in another field by pushing them to assess, review and do comparison of original study in that specific area.

        In contrast, Werhane, Freeman and Dmytriyev, (2017) viewed that credibility and reliability of the literature review are built on techniques of analysis adopted by a researcher.  Moreover, detailed academic research and surveys must be conducted by a researcher for accomplishing results and appropriate methods of analysis must be applied effectively to establish a clear understanding of research. On the other hand, duplication of former prevailing investigation will not be responsible for any improvement in study. Additionally, purpose of this review is that it safeguards that the scholar does not duplicate the work which has previously been attained by other researchers. Thus, it has to provide some clues as to where the upcoming investigation is heading as well as suggest areas on which researchers need to pay attention in future. The argumentative review studies the preceding study to support a specific argument, in-depth embedded assumption or philosophical problems that previously exist in the literature. Likewise, the integrative review is understood as that kind of research which critiques, reviews plus produces representative literature on a particular topic in an integrated way in order to generate new structures and opinions on the subject.

  1. 2. Literature review

2.1 Corporate Social Responsibility

         According to Crane, Matten and Spence, (2019) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is continuing commitment by large or small scale enterprise to act ethically and execute business for economic development while improvising quality of employees along with their families, infrastructure as well as society at large. Further, it has become a vital part of the course of wealth creation which if managed effectually will escalate the competitive advantage of business. In addition to this, it will also enhance wealth or value to society.

In accordance with the views of Frynas and Yamahaki, (2016) CSR is the response of business towards the concerns further than the narrow economic, technological and legal necessities of the organisation. Over the preceding few decades, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has become a main area of research. In the theory of the corporation, Epstein, (2018) has stated that companies are indebted to develop and implement those policies which are concentrated towards public values of the community under CSR. The significant role of corporate enterprises is to meet the basic requirements of society with their professional knowledge, reacting continuously to the market as well as producing superior products at the lowest potential prices by utilising resources effectively.  In contrast to this, Ho, Awan and Khan, (2016) identified that CSR is an incorporation of practices and programs for social benefits into the company's business model and culture. However, these activities are mainly performed by multinational companies to increase their long term profitability through attainment of opportunities to become more efficient plus fascinating positive attention from individuals for their efforts.



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