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Summary - Hot Zone by Richard Preston

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Essay Preview: Summary - Hot Zone by Richard Preston

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Summary khhkkgitBased on a true story Hot Zone by Richard Preston is about a terrible unknown virus that attacks United States. It starts of by describing how it could have started and what it caused on its way. By explaining how the first few victims of Ebola die and spread the virus. The book vividly describes symptoms, and is mainly about attempting where Ebola came from, and how it should be diagnosed, treated, cured. The beginning also mainly talks about each characters life style and how she or he ended up getting involved in the discovery and involved in the terrible story of Ebola. Towards the middle it starts off with explaining what Ebola really is. But no one knows quite how the virus started and expanded but it all started off in October l989. When the imported monkeys from the Philippines they were sold to US for the use of experiments and other laboratory necessities. They were kept in a special Unit at Reston, Virginia when suddenly they began dying from a mysterious unknown disease at a huge rate. They would die overnight mostly from brain bleed or liver explosion. It is one of the world's most hurtful and terrifying viruses on earth. After the number of monkeys dying grew more over time Dan Danlgard the veterinarian who cared for the monkeys got scared and started fearing that they had a disease or a lethal fever that affected monkeys and killed them quickly. So he made the decision of asking USAMRID to help come with a diagnosis towards what the monkeys might be infected with. After many test and experiments on the monkey's liver, meat and blood that Dr. Jahlring did he discovered that they were infected with Ebola Zaire, which is one of the four types of the hot virus Ebola. The virus had never been known to be anywhere else in the world other than Africa and it had landed in the US for first time. For a while everyone believed it was that and eventually started panicking and tried to come up with a plan to defeat the deadly virus against humans that just vanish the human race in a split second. Till finally, the researchers after many days of worry uncovered the truth. The virus was a new type of Ebola not Zaire which they had said it was. The USAMRID team members came up with a plan to wipe out of prevents the virus from spreading through the monkeys unit. The whole team risks their lives of getting infected just for their job and their people's safety. They go on working with the infected monkeys, inhaling the virus, even risking to get infected by any slight touch. Jerry Jaax decided to lead a group of biohazard team to Kitum cave or the monkeys' house. The site team had to deal with many types of accidents and risks while being kept working with the monkeys but they don't give up and are always trying to find the solution to fight the huge catastrophe that hit the country. They



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