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Essay Preview: Teamwork

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NORTHERN CARIBBEAN UNIVERSITY College of Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences Department of

Communication Studies

Module 3 2017

2018 Academic Year

COURSE NAME: Oral Communication


LECTURER: Fiona A. Burke


NAME: Tamara Bell

ID: 11120794

Collaboration= Team Work

Teamwork is working together to complete a goal. As an individual, working in a group can be challenging. There are many factors that can negatively influence effective teamwork such as encountering with one’s talents, perceptive, knowledge, and culture. According to the YouTube video successful collaboration by Stephen & Joel Levinson, speaks on the ultimate resolution to working together is “successfully collaborate”. By collaborating with others individual can achieve their goal, less ego and apply the behavior in everyday life.

The fact that collaboration is a foundation of teamwork, we may not seem provocative. In other words, it is what goes into a collaboration that is what makes the difference between persons who simply want to at highest performance level. The essence of collaboration is an activation of differences, ideas, expertise, and perspectives. The Levinson method of collaboration number one rule is to divide and conquer. This is to being able by learn, trust each other and navigate through  each other strengths and weaknesses. Both brothers made a valuable point in the video. They spoke on the facts that collaboration is a value contribution to the state of effective teamwork.  To maximize true teamwork performance, collaboration has to be understandable to capable individuals.  Being able to fabricate the process of collaboration to optimize on something magical and special.

Negatively, many individuals suffer from egoistic behavior.  Egoistic behavior occurs when someone has a sense of self-importance.  Usually, this type of characteristic can negatively impact the output of teamwork. Emotions, talents and perspectives can cause conflicts in collaboration, which can result in no achievements. When one can eliminate the egoistic behavior, this can allow a team to collaborate and achieve their goals. As stated by the Levinson brothers “that the best performance usually does not appeal to anyone who is not willing to compromise their behalf and perceptive only”. “bigger collaborative occurs whenever ego is less involved”.



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