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Technology and Innovation Management

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Essay Preview: Technology and Innovation Management

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Why do we study Innovation and Technology Management?

Value chain of a firm: operations, logistics, finance, general administration, manufacturing, marketing, etc..

Operations management looking more on the functional aspects.

TIM looking at a general management aspect, how to set up a company in order to be able to cope with innovation, to ensure that the company will launch innovative products. More general management approach.

Forbes 100. Forbes Magazine, leading business magazine publishing the list of the 100 best capitalized firms in the US, firms that have access to technical know-how, financial resource and managerial talent like no one else on earth. They get access to engineering know-how wherever it is on earth. They spend a lot of money in R&D more than most governments. They create R&D breakthroughs.

Automotive Industry. Renault-Nissan have spent 4 billion euros in Electric Vehicles. A lot of challenges: the battery on its own costs too much. At the very same time it has not a duration that you can feel comfortable with. The battery is an issue to be overcome. They get access to the best engineering know-how like anyone else on earth, they can convince any engineer with a technical breakthrough to join them with all the means.

Renault-Nissan believes that by 2020 10% of all cars driving in the street will be electric, implying that by 2020, 25% of all new car models sold will be electric vehicles.



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