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Ten Tree Apparel

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Question- Ten Tree Apparel’s commitment to TBL, or People, Profit, is a vital part of the company’s success. Do you believe a triple-bottom-line approach will influence the way businesses operate in the future? Explain.

Answer- Yes, I believe that triple bottom line approach will influence the business in the future because it is estimated that it will expand in 14 different countries. Also, the consumers can register their products online. This is a huge step as with the help of this online platform, reaching customers, building a relationship with them and promoting the track of business would be easy.

Question- A business that espouses social responsibility should be held accountable by its stakeholders to follow through on its commitment. Analyze how Ten Tree Apparel meets these responsibilities for each of its stakeholders: customers, investors, employees, society and the environment.

Answer- Ten Tree Apparel meets the responsibilities for the customers by creating something for them, so they can support the environment. Whereas for the investors their pitch was an immediate success in January 2001 and Two Dragons were ready to give them $100,000 as capital for 20% of share in the business.

The responsibilities for the society and the environment are that when people buy the Ten Tree products, ten trees are planted for every product. This motive encourages people to buy more of their products as the business ultimately contributes to the environment.

Question- A key target for Ten Tree is the “young generation” of customers. Why is CSR so important to this generation compared to other generations? Will Generation Y and Generation Z consumers create enough pressure for small and large companies to adopt sustainable development practices, such as those embraced by Ten Tree Apparel?

Answer- Corporate Social Responsibility is more important to target than the environmental changes in Canada. Generation Y and Generation Z wants to work with a global community and do charities through out the world. They want to connect with different people who have same faith and same values and they identify the areas where the need of improvement is needed wither socially, economically or in environmental sustainability. The generation will be encouraged to take more interest in nature and environment,



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