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Texting While Driving Remain 'serious Issue,' officials Say

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Essay Preview: Texting While Driving Remain 'serious Issue,' officials Say

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Title of Article: Texting While Driving Remain 'Serious Issue,' Officials Say


Everyone knows when they text and drive there can and most likely will be consequences. A person might get away with texting and driving a few times until a little or maybe even a deathly car accident happens. I think this issue needs to be reinforced throughout driver education classes. People don't seem to understand how dangerous it can be to others and themselves.

When carrying out daily activities I tend to get side tracked whether I am in class, doing homework, and or chores. I am very forgetful. This is the problem with most teens! These personal issues can carry over into driving. A teen can become distracted so fast, especially when it comes to using their phones. This article makes you stop and think is a text message or a phone call from a friend really worth losing your life over? Personally I don't think it is, and I think most people would agree with me when I say having any contact with a phone at all while driving is very dangerous.

One can say that texting while driving can be considered selfish. The person using the phone is only worried about themselves and the message they are receiving or sending, instead of watching the road to make sure not only their safety is in-tact but that of the other drivers.

This topic will most likely be brought up in my driver's education class numerous times this year. This is such an important issue that it cannot be overlooked. We have not officially started the lessons in class but I'm sure this topic will be mentioned in the coming weeks.



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