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Texting and Driving

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Texting while driving

Texting while driving is a significant safety hazard. Driving requires full attention on the road when behind the wheel. A driver can't concentrate on driving and texting at the same time. This mindless act has cost thousands of people their lives. Texting while driving needs to be against the law in every state.

Texting while driving needs to be against the law in every state, due to the personal dangers, social dangers, and parental dangers. Perhaps the most important reason is the personal safety, which cost so many lives and injuries. Another important reason why texting while driving should be banned is this: the driver could make mistakes in their message and get them in trouble socially. Furthermore texting while driving must be banned because of the trouble adolescents will encounter with their parents.

A driver simply cannot watch the road and text at the same time. It makes both the road and driver too dangerous. My best friend Cosmo changes from the best driver in the world to a menace when he attempts to drive and text. Imagine the concentration it would take - eyes jolting from the road to the screen, knees on the bottom of the wheel trying to steer, fingers pecking at the keys, rain pattering the windshield, arms jerking the wheel back in the right lane - all this in a few seconds of misguidance attention. It's a car accident waiting to happen.

Just the other day I found myself need to demonstrate my quick reflexes, when behind a truck hauling off tree limbs, started falling all over the road in front of me. If I have been texting, and not seen the limbs in the road, I could have easily cost my life. At a speed of 65 miles per hour, drivers need at least six second of stopping time in case of an emergency. These six seconds cannot be speared for a glance of a text.

The idea of anyone driving while texting should send chills up the spine, as the dangers are too numerous to count. A driver cannot watch the road and text all at one time. It makes the road and the drive very hazardous place to drive. It requires constant awareness, since driving conditions change from moment to moment. Also, driving is a two hand activity; a hand cannot be spared for a text. This is why road texting is a serious hazard and needs to be banned.



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