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The Affects of Alcohol and Drugs on Close ones

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Essay Preview: The Affects of Alcohol and Drugs on Close ones

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Cause and Effects

The Affects of Alcohol and Drugs on Close Ones

Alcohol and drugs affect a large amount of people every day. The use of alcohol and drugs by teenagers can be very harmful. There are devastating consequences to both friends and families when teen's drunk and get behind the wheel and in the event of a drug overdose. Event caused because of drug and alcohol often ends in tragedy. There are two articles where it portrays a great image of how it doesn't just affect that one person, but everyone who is close to them.

There are many negative effects caused by drinking and driving which can end in injury or even death. Most drinking and driving accidents happen to teenagers because they think they can get away with it. Driving while being intoxicated usually doesn't end with only the driver getting hurt, but also the people around them. May stories involving teenage fatalities tend to end more tragically for passengers. On December 9, 2008 an article was published from the Chicago Tribune where a high school student, rugby star, was charged with killing his fellow classmate in a drunk driving; hit and run accident. The young man had consumed seven beers and other alcoholic beverages before driving. "Four hours after the crash late Saturday, Kevin Schuh, 17, of Mt. Prospect, registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.063 percent, below the legal limit of 0.08 percent." (Kridel, Kristen & Long, Jeff) So then at the time of his accident his blood-alcohol percent had been a lot higher and is still not even close to be suitable to be driving. The young girl killed in the crash was Monika Skrzypkowski, 15 years old and only a sophomore. She was just at the wrong spot at the wrong time. "Schuh was charged with aggravated DUI causing a death, reckless homicide and leaving the scene of an accident. He appeared Monday in the Rolling Meadows branch of Cook County Circuit Court, where Judge Joseph Urso set bail at $500,000." (Kridel, Kristen & Long, Jeff) The victim's mother, Margaret Skrzypkowski grieves for her daughters dead and she hope that Kevin remember her daughter's face even thought the daughter did not know Kevin. Schuh's parents showed their sympathies for the family for their lost of a love one. Kevin was captain of the rugby team and was a good kid who has never been in trouble. In one moment he changed his own life and the lives of everyone around him. He didn't just affect his life by making the choice to drink and drive, but also the lives of his parents, family, the victim's parents and family. The most important person he affected by his actions would be Monika the young girl he didn't even know the name of until now.

When people get involved in drugs it is unlikely for there to be positive outcome. Results from overdosing on drugs usually have a deadly effected on



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