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The Best and Worst Teacher

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Many considerations are taken into account when choosing a career. While money may be a motivating factor, I believe there is something very deep that draws you deeply towards a career. For example, Police officers sustain the law and take pride in their work. Doctors are driven to their profession because they want to save lives; Teachers are drawn to their profession to help and guide young minds eager to learn. Although the majority these professions are filled with professionals, there are always some who lack the skills or maturity to be the best that their job. But how do you determine a best and worst teacher? Who makes the decision? What are the guidelines to grade a best or worst teacher? Nobody knows, but everyone has had this experience. I have had the best of the best and the worst of the worst. From a teacher who only cared about a paycheck to a teacher who would do anything to see her students grow as a person and succeed.

I remember my worst teacher very clearly. Without saying names let's call her Ms. Jones. She was my fifth grade teacher. Ms. Jones had a reputation of being mean and disliked by all. She was a very unique looking person. Not too scary, but weird looking. She was in her late fifties and was very frail looking. She had short red hair with curls, which reminded me of Raggedy Ann. Her style consisted of flowered dresses with bright colored shoes. She also wore tight stockings up to her calves. Ms. Jones had a way of making her students feel in a nice way stupid. From the first day of class she came off rude and unpredictable. Just walking in her class and hearing the door slam you could almost feel the anxiety of each person sitting down. If she asked a question and you didn't hear it the first time, and you ask her to repeat it, she would say that it was "too bad. She would then follow by saying, "I don't have time to repeat myself" and give you the meanest look possible. I was scared to raise my hand and intimidated to ask questions because she would talk down at you. Her way of educating and teaching was the same as Hitler's way of ruling. They both use fear. I often wondered why she was even a teacher at all. It very clear that she did not enjoy coming to class or even remotely helping us with our education. In this situation her attitude and behavior affected my attitude and made me not want to come to class. She made me appreciate a good teacher.

The best teacher I have ever had was with Mrs. Fisher. She was my seventh grade teacher. She was very committed to her classroom, to her children, and also her co-workers. She was very kind, loving, caring, and generous and Mrs. Fisher always went above and beyond for the classroom. She was very structured and repetitive and I learn very well that way. She always gave 100%. Mrs. Fisher had great ideas that may or may not always work, but it was always in the best benefit of her



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