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The Brand Repot Card - Analysis and Recommendations

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Essay Preview: The Brand Repot Card - Analysis and Recommendations

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Analysis and Recommendations

Kodak fails to position itself as the indisputable solution between today's consumers and their need for connection. Therefore, Kodak must focus on delivering a clearer message, a differentiating promise, and products that meet such a promise. For example: Kodak is the premier provider of imaging solutions that bring your loved ones within arm's reach.

Additionally, Kodak's marketing campaign should present one path within the imaging process that allows the consumer to process the company's offerings. For instance, prioritize marketing efforts according to the following process (1 = highest priority): (1) take great pictures with Kodak digital cameras, (2) print quality pictures for less with Kodak photo printers (3) store your pictures at the Kodak Gallery, where you can create unique keepsakes (4) display your pictures in our industry-leading Kodak digital frames. Instead of overwhelming the consumer with all the options Kodak has to offer, focusing the message on one product at a time can be more effective for Kodak's target consumer.

We feel that additional emphasis should be placed on digital cameras, with the other products--printers, frames, and Kodak Gallery--supporting digital cameras as complementary products that round-out the digital imaging experience. Kodak's 120-year history as the premier provider of photography products lends itself to this strategy of emphasizing digital cameras. This focused strategy can be accomplished through changes in each of the components of the marketing framework, while keeping in mind the desired positioning for Kodak's product-line.

Because Kodak is targeting the novice photographer segment, it is important that its products incorporate easy-to-use attributes and automatic features that deliver high-quality photos. Currently, Kodak's digital cameras compete well on the number of functions offered yet do not necessarily differentiate themselves. The same holds true for the printer category with complaints of complicated interfaces, cumbersome loader trays, and a lack of built-in networking capabilities. Kodak should strive to simplify its products across its entire product line and further educate customers of the easy-to-use features through its marketing campaign.

Kodak prices its camera products well below the products of its main competitors. On average, Kodak cameras cost 31%, 132%, and 80% less than products of similar quality in the super-zoom, compact, and subcompact categories, respectively. Kodak's products are consistently ranked comparably to those of the competition. Thus, Kodak should demand similar prices for all its products. Kodak should be able to increase its prices by at least 20% on the competitively ranked cameras to signal quality to the consumer without decreasing volumes,



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