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The Child Left Behind - Family Dysfunction

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Essay Preview: The Child Left Behind - Family Dysfunction

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There is never a point in my life, where I do not forget my childhood and what has come from it. The topic I am trying to speak upon would have to be the fact that I was raised into a dysfunctional family. Everyone in the world has either lived through this or has heard stories relating to the topic. It is a worldwide problem that continues to happen, all because of one family member that is unable to deal with the stress of holding a family together.

You may ask what exactly a dysfunctional family is, and it can be explained as simple as:

Family dysfunction can be any condition that interferes with healthy family functioning. Most families have some periods of time where functioning is impaired by stressful circumstances (death in the family, a parent's serious illness, etc.). Healthy families tend to return to normal functioning after the crisis passes. In dysfunctional families, however, problems tend to be chronic and children do not consistently get their needs met. Negative patterns of parental behavior tend to be dominant in their children's lives.

Socially this is not a topic that is not spoken about unless brought into conversation between two friends or within the family. It is honestly dreadful to hear that someone can come from such a background, or actually know that a family could just do that to a child. So many children nowadays are being raised without supervision or parental control in their lives. This then causes many out bursts from children, because they then feel free to do as they please.

There could be endless reasons as to why someone decides to break apart a family they once put together. A dysfunctional family household can come from many areas/backgrounds, including: teenage pregnancy, alcohol/drug abuse, unstable housing situations, and lack of income. I have a personal story to be told about this topic, which is why it I can relate to it so well. Coming from this sort of background, can literally change a person as a whole. One thing is, whether they allow it to make them or break them is completely up too them.

Now when I speak on this topic, I am not saying that everyone comes from this sort of background. It is just known that, when a child is raised around this type of behavior, they happen to have to raise themselves. They are their own teachers into what life holds, and yes they will make mistakes, but that is exactly how they learn. In a sense, they happen to become mini adults way quicker than the age in which they are even supposed to know what an adult is.

As to say, this can be any one's fault that this happens, is not a legit fact to state. There are many different types of parents that children could be raised with to make children feel helpless. The top four parents known are: Deficient parents, controlling parents, Alcoholic Parents, and Abusive Parents. Each type of parent has something different to



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