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The Civil Rights Movement

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Essay Preview: The Civil Rights Movement

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Title - The Civil Rights Movement (A Web Project)

Subject - Social Science

Grade Level - High School

Lesson Plan: The Civil Rights Movement (A Web Project)

Objectives: The students' will:

I. gain a general historical understanding of the events of the Civil Rights Movement and its context in African-American history.

II. outline the contributions of such figures in African-American history as Martin Luther King, Jr., W.E.B. Du Bois, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, and many others.

III. develop an original piece of self-expression on the topic of Black History based on research using traditional and on-line resources.

Warm Up Activity (Anticipatory Set): The Bill of Rights and Black History

A) Students will need some background in the history of blacks in America and their status as citizens.

B) Using a history textbook, web site, or CD-ROM, have students create a timeline of the major events in Black History and write a sentence that describes the event in terms of the constitutional status of Blacks in America.

Main Activity (Instructional Input): Introduction To The Civil Rights Movement

A) Display the following Powerpoint presentation entitled The Civil Rights Movement by way of web browser or Powerpoint Viewer. Copies of the notes can be distributed to students who need special assistance. the presentation can be downloaded as a Powerpoint animation if the proper plug-in has been installed into the web browser.


B) Library Research Assignments.

Students should be divided into groups of three or four. The groups must choose or be assigned a project format and topic. To see a list of formats and topics, see the project listings of the web site already completed.

Distribute the Scholastic Update Magazine for February, 8, 1998 entitled "What Happened To the Dream?" for students to use in their research if needed.

Additional topics may include:

The NAACP: Yesterday and Today

The Freedom Riders: Riding Into Risk

Review: Black Like Me

Review: The Invisible Man

Analysis of Poetry of Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen

The Case Against The Klan

The Stars & Bars: Southern Heritage or Symbol of Racism?

Movie Review: Amistad

Movie Review: Mississippi Burning

Oral History: Black History in Your Community

Jesse Jackson: A Presidential Candidate

The Congress of Racial Equality

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Essay: Steps to Racial Harmony In America

What If Martin Luther King had lived?

Who Are The Best Black Leaders Today?

Blacks In Congress

Fiction: Writing a Slave Narrative

Diary: Living Through The Civil Rights Movement

The Influence of Africa on Black Art and Music

Please submit topics if one you know of is not listed on this web site.

Examples (Modeling): Library Research

Have students conduct research on their topics. Each member of the group must contribute to research and web page development. Students must submit a written flow chart or paragraph



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