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The Computer Has It Done More Harm Than Good for the American Child

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Essay Preview: The Computer Has It Done More Harm Than Good for the American Child

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Since the evolution of technology, there have been many advances in phones, television, and most of all computers. They have all done very good for this generation and generations to come, but there is also a lot of harm that comes with all of these advances in technology, especially computers. Sure, we get to communicate with people all over the world and they have made it a million times easier for students to do work. But at what cost do all of these benefits come from? There's a lot more risk to become the victim of any type of harm that could come over the internet, such as dating sites, scams to take your money, and worst of all cyber bullying.

The computer came from many advances that people have made since the abacus was created in 2400BC. No one man may be pin pointed as the "inventor" of the computer since it took many of men to even get to the stages of being able to create the computer. From being used in 2400BC as a simple number counter, the computer is now a storage device for many files and a place that you can get on your phone, or laptop to surf the internet. Americans have always wanted the newest and the best things that we could possibly buy and afford. And we have always wanted to give the best to our children. The computer isn't just for Businesses and Science labs anymore, we have now become accustomed to giving our children smart phones and iPad's so they can play their games and get on the internet whenever they please so that they may enjoy anything they want at anytime they want.

Our Children are now able to look up school assignment and information at the click of a button instead of having to read through tons of books to find that one small fact that they needed to complete their project. The computer has given the teens of our generation the ability to look for jobs online and get their life and career stared at the search of one website. We have come so far from only knowing the people in our town, and having to walk miles just to meet new people, to being able to get on the computer and go on face book and find anybody we want to. We can now communicate with people from all over this country and be able to make business deals with people from China all the way here in the United States. Its impeccable the things that we can accomplish with the simple turn on of a computer.

Experts at NAEYC said that , "Their research shows that computers can have important benefits for even very young children, including language development, literacy development, social development, and the development of important problem-solving skills" The article goes on to say that to decrease the risk of the computer being a 'replacement' to parenting and activities that are healthy to children, such as art, socializing, books, and music; that parents should monitor and guide their children through the stages and developments of the internet and computer; To make sure that you observe what websites that you are allowing your child to view and explore on.

The teams at Professional-resumes.com have explained that the speed and expansive qualities of searching jobs online have become greatly beneficial. Instead of taking days and hours upon hours to go around the town, pick up applications, and go home to fill them out, then go back the next day for hours upon end just to give them all back and hope that they call you, you can easily look on the companies web-sites and fill out



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