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The Concept of Altruism

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Essay Preview: The Concept of Altruism

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The concept of Altruism

Explain the concept on altruism. Explain why, even though true altruism may not exists, it is worth doing a good thing regardless of whether you get something in return or not.

Based on my research, Altruism is doing something good for another without any thought about what is in it for you. Does altruism still exist? In my opinion, I do believe it still exist naturally in all humans, but I think people misunderstand it with egoism, which is doing well for others to fulfill yourself. For example, giving away your old dirty clothes to the unfortunate to fulfill this feeling that you helped others and not realizing you’re giving crap donation. Make sure clothes are clean.

If God made us then altruism is his commandment for us to be selfless and not selfish. We came to this world because of sin. In any case on this assignment, I couldn’t record a video due to the way I practice altruism is actually tithing into the church I attend and not only is a practice but it’s something that everyone or believers should be doing. Many people misunderstand or are afraid because they think the church is only thinking about money. Church needs money to operate efficiently to be able to help and teach the word of God. I give my offering to God alone so I can be blessed. I offer 10% of my gross income to help others in need. This is the nicest thing I can do for others without getting something in return. If you do it for God, he will return you double of what you can offer.



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