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The Cotton Gin

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  I'm going to inform you why the cotton gin changed our world for the better. First let's start with who invented the cotton gin and that was the great Eli whitney. He was born in 12-8-1765 and died in 1-8-1825. Now what the cotton gin did it separated the seeds from the cotton. The work it did in a hour was a whole days work for that men did by hand.The pros and cons that it did . Cons it increased the slavery and the slaves that did not have enough sleep or a big enough break. Some of the slaves that were working the die because of it . Pros because of the slavery it lead to the civil war to end slavery to make the blacks real people to where they can vote and get jobs and own homes and have a family.

 The Cotton Gin Also increased the arguments between the North and the South.The south thought it was ok for the slaves to work nonstop hours in the field but the north did not ok it. Witch lead to the north and south getting into a whole disbelief on slavery.North didn't like that the South had economic control so the began taxing the cotton. The North, an extremely anti-slavery section of America was not happy about the invention of the Cotton Gin. With the invention of the Cotton Gin came a loss of economical control in America. To gain control of the economy again, the North decided to heavily tax the cotton being produced in the South, eventually hurting the Southern economy.The south farming increases for the cotton indrestary . South became dependent on agriculture and cotton because of the farms there were few cities.Wealthy landowners dominated the economy society and politics of the south.  The Northern part of the United States bought more cotton and built more textile mills.  England built more textile mills and demanded much more cotton.  These were two big markets to which the South sold their cotton.

The civil rights movement was also a struggle but for justice for colored people. It was mainly in the 1960’s for blacks to gain equal rights. It took so long for them to come back because of the discrimination against them. In the united states was a decade long struggle with the goal of enforcing constitutional and legal rights for african americans. The whites just wouldn't give up with the blacks, all they wanted to was to be the better half of america. After the civil war and the abolition slavery in the 1860’s the reconstruction amendments to the united states granted emancipation and constitutional, citizenship rights to africa, later on they saw that blacks should not be treated the way they were. Moderates in the movement worked with congress to achieve the passage of several significant pieces of federal legislation. Blacks have worked with whites to stop the discrimination but not all whites would agree to let the blacks free. The civil rights act of 1964 expressively banned discrimination based on race,color,religion,sex, or national origin in employment practices. The whites are barely understanding that blacks are the same kind of people as them. After a while blacks have gained a lot of power over whites.

By the mid 20th century, African Americans had more than enough prejudice and violence against white. At the turn of the 20th century southern state government racial segregation to seperate whites and african americans. They pretty much wanted to seperate everyone to stop fights and make it seem whites are better. African americans faced racial rights oppression from 1900 to 1950. The blacks started getting angrier and angrier each day that they got treated the way they did. The nation released the race from slavery in 1865, they released all of the blacks from being slaves but it still didn't stop the whites from treating them bad. From 1964 through 1970 a wave of inner city riots in black communities undercut support from the white middle class but increased support from private foundation, later on everything started back and the blacks were at the bottom so they started to protest once again. After reconstruction people continues to intimidate and violently attack blacks before and during elections. Whites still didn't like the fact that blacks were close to one of them becoming a president or trying to so they decided to violently attack them for the blacks to back down. Throughout everything slavery in most countries were starting to slow down a little bit. The civil war had finally officially abolished slavery but still never stopped discrimination against blacks. Blacks are still enduring the devastation of racism. Everything is starting to end but blacks are still mad and upset that they got treated the way they did even though there the same.  The northern states thought that slavery should not be anything so people were coming together to try and stop it from the southern states. Everyone except the southern states are turning against slavery because they don't like it. In 1860 Abraham lincoln was elected president he was strongly against slavery. Even big presidents like lincoln dont like slavery. From 1890 to 1980 southern states passed new constitution and laws to disenfranchise african americans and poor whites by creating barriers to voting registration. Whites are starting to understand that blacks are actual people and made a law for them to be able to vote. As african americans were being disenfranchised white southerners imposed racial segregation by law. White have finally imposed a law for blacks being free. Whites are going back against blacks so martin is making them free again.



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